Jared Goff reveals how $125,000,000 Blake Griffin helped QB through 'dark times' post Rams breakup

Jared Goff reveals how $125,000,000 Blake Griffin helped QB through
Jared Goff reveals how $125,000,000 Blake Griffin helped QB through 'dark times' post Rams breakup

Jared Goff and Blake Griffin have had the kind of careers that only they can relate to with each other. Both of them were first overall picks in the NFL and NBA drafts; the basketabll star went seven years before the football star did.

But each of them were selected by Los Angeles franchises, with Blake Griffin going to the Clippers and Jared Goff going to the Rams. Each of them tasted some success with the franchises that drafted them before being traded to Detroit teams. The power forward moved to the Detroit Pistons, whereas the quarterback came to the Detroit Lions.

That has helped them talk to each other and understand their poisitions. Jared Goff acknoweldged that the initial separation from the team that drafted him was hard for him. He said,

"Yeah, it was certainly hard. And I think I've had some time to reflect on it now, being a little bit further away from it. It was harder maybe than I thought it was in the moment. You're just kind of naive to it. And you're just you know, putting your head down every day and going to work."

He also said he was glad to come out of the other side of it and that the 2021 season was a dark year for him. It was undoubtedly made harder by seeing his former team win the Super Bowl that season, right after moving on from him. He added,

"But looking back there were some dark times in that 2021 year and both personally and on the field, just getting through that and glad to say that you kind of come out the other side now and have to have some things to look forward to."

Jared Goff thanked Blake Griffin, who was then on his way out of Detroit for helping him out and settle in a new place. The quarterback said,

"Blake did [text]. I think you [Dan Katz] put me on text with Blake. And I think he was actually trying to work his way out of Detroit when I was coming in here. So he was like, You're gonna love it, but I'm kind of leaving soon. But yeah, no, he was he was a good resource. And yeah, it was funny."

Is Jared Goff going to follow Blake Griffin going forward?

Jared Goff is currently with the Detroit Lions, but they did draft Hendor Hooker for depth in the position. Last year, many observers said that the team flourished inspite of him, despite being named to the Pro Bowl. If he is not exceptional this year and lead them to the playoffs, he could easily be traded again.


Just like Blake Griffin moved to the Brooklyn Nets after his tenure in Detroit, there are teams out East like the Washington Commanders who might need a quarterback soon. If that happens, the two overall picks could end up following a similar path.

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