"Really closed that chapter" - Jay Cutler's ex-wife shoots down rumors of getting back with former NFL QB

Former NFL QB Jay Cutler alongside his ex-wife Kristin Cavallari
Former NFL QB Jay Cutler alongside his ex-wife Kristin Cavallari
Souryadeep Mazumder

Jay Cutler was once known by the world as a starting quarterback in the NFL. After being drafted by the Denver Broncos back in 2011 with the 11th overall pick, Cutler showed promise and even got a Pro Bowl nod in his third season.

He would go on to sign with the Chicago Bears, with whom he spent eight seasons before finally bowing out of the league with a 6-8 season with the Miami Dolphins. But ever since, Cutler has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.


In April 2020, Cutler's wife, Kristin Cavallari, with whom he had three kids, accused him of “inappropriate marital conduct” in her divorce filing. And recently during a live appearance on The Bellas Podcast, the Very Cavallari alum opened up about life after the divorce and how she was done with the former NFL quarterback for good:

"Through my divorce, I've done a lot of reflecting and I've really looked inward... I feel like I've grown up the most that I have in the last two years, because I've essentially been on my own... I've really just focused on myself and making sure that I worked through everything with my ex and really closed that chapter."

According to a report by US Weekly, though, he is not over his ex-wife. An insider claims that he wishes things could be different for the couple:

“Jay is still very much hung up on Kristin. He still has a lot of love for her and wishes things weren’t as they are.”

While all of this might paint an image of a grieving ex-husband, recent developments suggest otherwise.


Jay Cutler accused of hooking up with his neighbor's wife

The man the Bears believed was the future of their franchise has been accused of hooking up with his friend's wife while he and his family were on vacation with him. Here's what an unnamed source told In Touch about the affair:

“Jay went on vacation with his kids and his friend and his wife and their kids. The husband and Jay are good friends and also neighbors. Their kids are all friends. While they were on the trip, Jay was hooking up with his wife.”

The man himself, though, is yet to respond to these reports. The former NFL quarterback and is currently engaged in his duties as Chief Design Officer for but has previously hinted that he wouldn't mind a future role in the booth.

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