Jerry Jones' Cowboys labeled 'losers' by Richard Sherman after Dallas owner's comments on Eagles

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones' Cowboys labeled 'losers' by Richard Sherman after Dallas owner's comments on Eagles

As Jerry Jones is likely aware, Richard Sherman made a career out of elevating defenses to Super Bowls and making inflammatory comments. Well, some things never change as the former cornerback called the Dallas Cowboys "losers," appearing to lump Jerry Jones into that statement.

Here's how he put it in Wednesday's edition of "Undisputed":

"The winners focus on winning. And that's what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing. Losers focus on the winners and that's what Jerry Jones is doing. He's focused on the Eagles and not his team improving.
"Nobody stumbles and lucks into 10-1. Jerry, focus on your team. You focusing on the Eagles isn’t going to win you any games."

Jones' comments that caused Sherman's fiery retort came on 105.3 The Fan via The Messenger. Here's what Jones said about the Eagles' 28-23 win over the Cowboys:

"'What have I done to deserve this? Why can't that ball bounce the right way?' All of those things go through your mind."

Jerry Jones staring down a potentially franchise-defining offseason

Jerry Jones at Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
Jerry Jones at Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

The Dallas Cowboys owner likely has his focus on this season, but he also has an eye on the future. The Cowboys are chasing the Philadelphia Eagles once again as they aim to bring back the glory of the 1990s.

While many franchises would be satisfied with being 8-3, the team has another rung to climb in pursuit of their goal of beating everyone, including the Eagles.

If the Cowboys don't reach a Super Bowl or win it this season, big decisions loom for Jerry Jones. Both Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb are heading into their final seasons on their current deals in 2024. While some franchises like to push things to the last second, getting a deal done early saves a lot of hurt feelings, ill will and drama.

As such, there should be real interest in getting a deal done this offseason. However, whether they reach the Super Bowl or not will play a massive role in whether Dallas keeps both CeeDee Lamb and Prescott. If it's just another year with a playoff loss early in January, analysts believe it's time to start over.

If Jones agrees, he would still have Prescott on a one-year deal as a bridge quarterback. He could pay Lamb, as the wide receiver is coming off a dominant year and would need a top WR for an easy transition at quarterback.

On the other hand, he could pay Lamb and Prescott in the spring and lock the team up for potentially another five or so years. As it stands, a Super Bowl might be won in February, but another victory could come in the Spring.

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