Jerry Jones doesn't rule out blockbuster Cowboys trade up in 2022 NFL Draft

Jerry Jones is keen on making a big impact in the upcoming NFL Draft
Jerry Jones is keen on making a big impact in the upcoming NFL Draft

For most Dallas Cowboys fans, the 2022 offseason has been a tough affair. The franchise lost two star players with the departures of Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns and Randy Gregory to the Denver Broncos.

While the team did manage to hold on to other talents like Michael Gallup and DeMarcus Lawrence, their rather uncharacteristic laid-back approach to the offseason hasn't pleased some fans who are clamoring for more.

And it looks like Jerry Jones has addressed their wishes. Speaking to the Athletic, Jones admitted that his team would definitely be interested in landing better picks in the early rounds of the draft:

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“I would trade up this draft — and just going in as much as you can say about it, until you see what’s there and who’s on the other end of the line.”

Jones further went on to say that the side was looking to rubuff their draft stock due to the lack of more premium picks in the early rounds:

“But I would trade up, since we’re down as low as we are in the first two or three rounds if we had a chance to and somebody that we had really coveted was sitting at the bottom … and we were able to trade up and get him.”

The Cowboys currently have the 24th overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft after they fell to the San Francisco 49ers in the Wildcard round of the playoffs last season.

Cowboys landed a steal in Micah Parsons

Jerry Jones' interest in trading up shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, he is the general manager who pulled the strings to orchestrated the Cowboys' signing of Micah Parsons with the 12th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.


Parsons was a revelation for the Cowboys defense. With 84 combined tackles and 13 sacks, the outside linebacker left a mark on the league and won the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award with ease.

In fact, he was so good that he was in conversation for the Defensive Player of the Year award alongside as the likes of players like Aaron Donald, T.J. Watt and Myles Garrett to name a few.

With such success a little over a year ago, it's no wonder that Jones has his eyes set on grabbing another steal in the draft.

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