"Cleveland Browns & the Houston DA’s office are a disgrace" - Jimmy Kimmel's ‘Cousin Sal’ calls out proceedings in Deshaun Watson case

The quarterback talking to the media at a press conference today.
The quarterback talking to the media at a press conference today.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson continues to remain in the headlines. The 26-year-old is facing 24 civil suits following alleged sexual misconduct during massage sessions.

The situation seems to be getting worse every day with more and more information coming to light. It has been reported that Watson alledgely received massages from 66 women in a 17-month period, something the quarterback denies.


Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Sal has now taken to Twitter to obliterate the Browns, as well as the Houston DA in a scathing attack.

Cousin Sal wrote:

"What a surprise that the dirtbag who lied about his intentions & actions during various massages also lied when asked if there were any other women who might potentially come forward with subsequent accusations. The Cleveland Browns & the Houston DA’s office are a disgrace."

He has not held back and has made his feelings on the situation known. The Browns gave Watson a five-year, $230 million contract a couple of months ago, with many condemning the contract with the civil suits looming large over his head.

It remains to be seen when or if the 26-year-old will be suspended, but the general consensus is that he will miss games in 2022.

What does Deshaun Watson's situation mean for Cleveland?

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson

Ultimately, it is not a good situation for the Browns. There is a real chance that their prized asset could miss significant game time in 2022. That will mean either Jacoby Brissett or Joshua Dobbs would be the starter. Although Baker Mayfield is still, somehow, on the roster, he will not play another down for the franchise.


The Browns have Super Bowl aspirations this season after adding Watson, along with Amari Cooper from Dallas, but their plans could be turned upside down if the 26-year-old quarterback is suspended.

With a roster that is stacked with talent and many saying that a deep playoff run is the bare minimum, without number four, the Browns will be in the same position as last year and will find it tough sledding.

Many think that, if a suspension is coming the quarterback's way, it will be in July, so we still have some time before a potential decision is made.

Either way, the Cleveland Browns paid a quarterback astrominical money, all of which is guaranteed, and he may not even see the field in 2022.

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