Watch: Tom Brady and Kanye West's son Saint play catch in adorable video

Tom Brady and Kanye West's son filmed playing catch
Tom Brady and Kanye West's son filmed playing catch
Adam Schultz

Tom Brady is the ideal family man. He loves his family and his kids, but it doesn't stop there. The seven-time Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Famer has regularly been spotted talking with other players post-game and even playing catch with their kids.

It appears Brady just loves playing with kids. Musician Kanye West recently shared a heart-warming video on his Instagram page that shows Brady playing catch with his son, Saint West.

Tom Brady plays catch with Kanye West's son Saint

In the video, the pair can be seen throwing the football at each other in what looks like a private room at a stadium. The two-minute video shows Brady talking to West's son and asking him what other sports he likes and if his dad plays catch with him.

Watch the video below:

Videos like this do not often surface online, so it is refreshing to see this other side of athletes when they are not in the middle of a battle on the field.

Throughout the video, Brady can be heard praising Saint West's catching ability. They begin at a close distance before Saint moves back to increase the space between the two.

It is a simple reminder that family trumps football, and in this case, it was an intimate moment shared between two of the world's biggest stars, Tom Brady and Kanye West, and West's son.

It is rare that the public gets to see this kind of close encounter with professional athletes, but it does remind us that they are ordinary people that like to have fun just like any other person.

In the 19 hours that the video has been on West's Instagram, it has been viewed just over 1.5 million times by Kanye's nine million follower fanbase.

It's not the only time Brady has been seen playing catch with kids. Last year, after a game against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, Brady was snapped throwing a small football to Brees' kids while on the field. Take a look below.

Here's a post-game video of Tom Brady hugging Drew Brees & playing catch with his kids.This is the guy hated by much of America over the last 20 years? Come on, man. #newenglandpatriots #NFLPlayoffs

Brady has played at an MVP-type level this season and has the Buccaneers in a good position to defend the Super Bowl crown they won last season over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Buccaneers currently have a 7-3 record as they gear up to face the red-hot Indianapolis Colts, led by Carson Wentz and Jonathan Taylor on Sunday.

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