"Kyle Juszczyk can literally retire and they'd still make millions": Fans hail 49ers star's wife Kristin's NHL All-Star Game fit

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Fans hail 49ers star's wife Kristin's NHL All-Star Game fit

NFL fans had nothing but praise for Kyle Juszczyk's wife Kristin's latest fit. Kristin went viral this past season as she created jackets for wives and girlfriends of NFL players. Her latest creation was pants, which blew fans away.

Kristin converted the jersey into pants that were super nice and fans immediately wanted her to create more so they could buy them.

"Kyle Juszczyk can literally retire & they’ll still be making millions & millions of dollars thru his wife. Everything she made that was for the NFL was fire lol put her in charge of all the sports apparel deadass," a fan wrote.
"That’s actually fire," another fan added.

Other fans, meanwhile, continued to compliment Kristin Juszczyk and her ability to turn jerseys into cool, wearable, and collectible items.

"She’s incredible at her craft," a fan wrote.
"I want her husband to play for our team I don’t even know if he’s good I just know she’s fire at this," a fan added.

It's clear fans are shocked at how good Kristin is at her craft.

"Kristin Juszczyk should be head of design at every sports apparel company on the planet," a fan added.
"She’s killing it with all the jersey redos," another fan added.

Juszczyk found her niche and has created plenty of cool items, which even Taylor Swift can vouch for. The pop star wore one of her jackets to a Kansas City Chiefs game in the playoffs.

Kristin Juszczyk "googled" Taylor Swift's measurements to make her a jacket

Kristin Juszczyk made Taylor Swift's puffer jacket with Travis Kelce's jersey, but how she made it was by completely guessing.

Juszczyk asked Brittany Mahomes to pass along to Taylor that she wanted to make her a jacket. However, she didn't have any measurements for her, so she guessed.

"I asked Brittany, 'Hey, I would be honored to just be able to make something for Taylor. Would you be able to pass it along? Like zero pressure whatsoever. I don't expect her to wear it. It would just be an honor to gift it to her.' And she said, 'Yeah, of course,'" Kristin said to People.com. "So I googled Taylor Swift's height, and I just winged it."

Juszczyk also created jackets for wives and girlfriends of San Francisco 49ers players as well.

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