Larry Fitzgerald weighs in on recent drama surrounding Kyler Murray's possible move away from Cardinals

NFL Pro Bowl 2022 - Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray
NFL Pro Bowl 2022 - Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray

Despite having another Pro Bowl season and being the last team to lose a game this year, the Arizona Cardinals find their quarterback Kyler Murray in the crosshairs for recent actions he has taken on social media.

After Sunday's Pro Bowl (which the AFC won 41-35 over the NFC), the former Heisman Trophy winner removed the Arizona Cardinals from all of his social media outlets, including Twitter and Instagram photos.

On Tuesday, Arizona Cardinals legendary receiver Larry Fitzgerald gave his thoughts on the situation regarding the team's signal-caller:

"I haven't talked to Kyler in a while but he looked good in the Pro Bowl, looked like he was having a great time, throwing touchdowns out there," Fitzgerald said. "I just hope everything works out the way both sides want it to work out. That's really what it's all about for me. I love Kyler, I love the Cardinals and I want the best for everybody."

Fitzgerald's words hold a lot of weight not just with the Cardinals organization but in the NFL as a whole. The legendary receiver, who hasn't officially retired, is second all-time in the NFL with 17,492 receiving yards, second in career receptions with 1,432 and is in sixth place all-time with 121 receiving touchdowns.

Will Kyler Murray leave the Arizona Cardinals?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams

Kyler Murray has just ended his third season in the league and finished the season with 3,787 yards passing; 24 passing touchdowns and 10 interceptions. During the season, the Cardinals began on a torrid pace with a 7-0 record.

After that time, the team's overall record was 4-7 as they struggled to limp into the playoffs. The former Oklahoma University standout is still under his rookie contract, and many believe that perhaps he could be angling to get a new deal.

Others are of the mindset that perhaps Murray scrubbing the team from all of his social media accounts is part of a Super Bowl promotion.

The Super Bowl is known as the breeding ground for some of the most popular ads of the entire year for companies looking to market their products or services.

We don't really know if this is all part of an elaborate promotional campaign for a product. In the meantime, it is apparently looking as if Kyler Murray is trying his best to put as much space between himself and the Cardinals as DeAndre Hopkins puts between himself and the nearest defender.

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