LeSean McCoy claims not race, but other factors are why teams don't hire Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy

Kansas City Chiefs v Detroit Lions
Kansas City Chiefs v Detroit Lions
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Former NFL running back LeSean McCoy thinks other factors, not race, are why current Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is being overlooked for head-coaching roles. The now-retired running back spent time with the Chiefs offensive coordinator in 2019.

For the last two to three offseasons, Bieniemy has been talked about as the hottest head coaching prospect but has never gone on to become a head coach in the league.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid says OC Eric Bieniemy may be harder on veteran players, but his honesty isn't a bad thing. Noted he thinks LeSean McCoy is a future hall of Famer but was on the back end of his career: "That can be hard to hear."

Speaking on the "I Am Athlete" podcast on Mad Dog Sports radio, the future Hall of Fame running back went into detail regarding his thoughts on Bieniemy. He said the reason he hasn't been hired is because people know what kind of coach he really is.

McCoy said:

“The reason why I ain’t finished is because, me and (inaudible) had our differences about different things,” McCoy said. “I’m going to say this: There’s a reason why every year they hype him up to get a coaching job, head coach or offensive coordinator, somewhere else, and he don’t get one.”
Oh wow, LeSean McCoy sounds off on Eric Bieniemy (🎥: @IAMATHLETEpod)
“Listen, because some players, he talks a certain way and some players will take it. I wouldn’t take it,” McCoy said. “Some of the questions I would ask, everybody is accountable. That’s why (he’s not getting hired). It’s not because he is a black coach. That’s not the reason — the reason is — I won’t get into that. There is a reason why, every year he goes to get a job, and then the time comes and nobody hires him because they know the type of coach he really is.”

In a sensational ending, the now-retired running back stated that it was because of Bieniemy that he stopped playing football when asked about it.

McCoy said:

“Yeah, that’s exactly what it was."

LeSean McCoy's claim backed by amount of teams that pass on Bieniemy

Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability
Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability

The former Chiefs running back's comments regarding the Chiefs offensive coordinator do seem to hold weight.


Over the last couple of seasons, the New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers, Houston Texans, New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars all interviewed Bieniemy. Yet, they did not offer him a head-coaching job. That is a lot of interviews for no head-coaching job.

Whether the retired running back is right or whether Bieniemy simply wasn't the right fit, there have been numerous chances for the Chiefs OC to grab a head-coaching job but hasn't.

Will he get one eventually? Time will tell.

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