"Let him leave": 49ers fans want Brandon Aiyuk to stop 'diva' behavior with contract negotiations on ice

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers Practice
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers Practice

A curious video on social media has San Francisco 49ers fans pondering Brandon Aiyuk's long-term future with the franchise. The wide receiver is trying to get an extension before he hits free agency but has been unable to make any progress with the team.

Aiyuk posted to TikTok a video of him discussing his station with former LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels on FaceTime. In the video, Daniels asked Aiyuk what had happened, and the 49ers star said:

"They said they don't want me back... I swear."

It could be an interesting negotiation tactic for what has otherwise been a pretty private back-and-forth between Aiyuk and the team. The post has fans questioning whether or not the team would be right to bring him back.

"Here we go with this s**t", another fan said.
"I was a big Aiyuk fan but he needs to grow up. At this point if he thinks $26m per year is beneath him then he needs to get traded. His antics this offseason have been pathetic never saw this with Trent, kittle or Warner," a frustrated fan said.

One fan mentioned how Aiyuk can start at rock bottom if $26 million and a top team are not enough for him.

"Well if he got to go. He got to go. It’s a privilege being on a top team with an open window to the Super Bowl. If 26mm ain’t enough he can start with 30 in New England and be at rock bottom," one fan said.
"Not for 30 a year. This is getting wild," one fan said.

Fans are tired of the negotiation and the tactics that Brandon Aiyuk seems to be employing to get what he deems to be his value from the 49ers.

NFL insider dampens chances for 49ers to bring Brandon Aiyuk back

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN doesn't have good news for fans who'd like to see Brandon Aiyuk with the San Francisco 49ers for a long time. As the market continues to be flooded with big deals for Amon-Ra St. Brown, Justin Jefferson, and others, Aiyuk's tag goes up.

Brandon Aiyuk may not be back with the 49ers
Brandon Aiyuk may not be back with the 49ers

Fowler reported for ESPN:

"They have not been willing to show that they're going to meet the market of wide receiver, which we're seeing these massive numbers... Aiyuk believes he's a top guy, and so, something's got to give. And so, he's worked himself into a top-10 receiver conversation. We'll see, not a lot of momentum right now. Not a lot of optimism."

A team might eventually pay the wide receiver a lot of money, but it doesn't look like that will be San Francisco at this moment.

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