Madden fans nostalgic for older versions amidst ongoing letdowns with latest releases - “Loved how overpowered Vick was”

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Madden fans nostalgic for older versions with Michael Vick amidst ongoing letdowns with latest releases

Long before Josh Allen was featured on Madden, Michael Vick was the ruler of the roost. He was the original dual-threat sensation and his performance in virtual gaming world was as dominant as it was on the field.

Every year, Madden comes up with their latest offering. They all have snazzy features and technological advances. However, they are often beset with issues that do not appeal to the fans.

In fact, based on reactions on Reddit, it seems that fans pine for the good ol' days when Michael Vick was unstoppable on Madden. It was such a pain to stop him that player fondly recollected that he was almost used as a cheat code and forbidden in informal leagues. There were other recollections as well.

Here are some of the best Reddit responses:

Comment by u/RotoDog from discussion The good ole days. in Madden

Michaell Vick and NFL Street appear to be fan favorites over current Madden iterations

Based on the reactions, it is quite clear that Michael Vick remains a popular figure amongst the Madden community.

However, based on the reactions on the thread, a common theme that emerged was NFL Street and how universally it was liked. In short, NFL Street allowed the big NFL names to play street football. One could create a player and emulate that as well.

There were universally positive comments about the game, such as evidenced below.

Others on the thread pointed out that NCAA was another favorite that they miss. However, while NFL Street might not return soon, with the NIL issue resolved, the college football game is expected to return from next year.

There were comments about the consoles used as well. GameCube certainly divided opinion. While some of the players were happy with it and called it the best ever, others remarked that it was close to the worst. Despite the convergence of other thoughts, this remained a point of contention. See a couple of different responses below to gauge the mood.

But where there was no divergence of opinion was on Michael Vick. Due to the issues that plagued his career, we never saw his full potential on the field.

However, those who played with him on Madden know just how good he was. It seems almost fitting that a dual-threat quarterback like him is being featured in Madden this year with Josh Allen. It was the path the former quarterback carved that many are currently treading on now and taking the sport to greater heights. Hopefully, EA can elevate their games to newer heights as well.

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