Twitter roasts Marlon Humphrey for failing to realize he had an interception against the Las Vegas Raiders

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey
Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey

Marlon Humphrey is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, that much is for certain. Humphrey was ranked the third-highest cornerback on the NFL's recent Top 100 List. He has eight career interceptions and two Pro Bowls to his name after four seasons. The Baltimore Ravens rewarded him for his great play with a five-year contract extension of $97.5 million with a staggering $67.3 million guaranteed.

Marlon Humphrey lined up everywhere against the Las Vegas Raiders in a Week 1 thriller. He covered all three Raiders wide receivers at different points in the game. But on one play in the first quarter, Humphrey had an interception without realizing it. Humphrey didn't complete the act of making the pick, and Twitter immediately picked on it, opening the floodgates.

Twitter roasts Marlon Humphrey for failing to realize he had an interception

Twitter had fun with this one, considering Marlon Humphrey was oblivious to the fact that he had the ball. On third and ten with pressure from his right, Derek Carr forced the ball towards a tightly covered Darren Waller. Humphrey was all over Waller and even got away with a hold.

When Marlon Humphrey brought him down, the ball wound up on Waller's backside. Humphrey wound up obtaining the ball without it ever having hit the ground. He proceeded to stand up after making what he thought was a pass breakup in celebration. Unfortunately for him, part of that celebration involved dropping the ball to the ground.

Two writers for CBS Sports were quick to notice the missed opportunity. The ball hit the ground, which nullified what would've been an interception had he held onto it and started running. With how close the final score was, an interception could've changed the tide of the game.

Marlon Humphrey gets roasted for giving up the game-winning TD as well

The missed interception wasn't the only thing Twitter was roasting him for. The game-winning play by Derek Carr was a completion to Zay Jones. The Ravens sent a blitz that left their corners in single coverage without any safety help. Humphrey was subsequently outrun by Jones and was responsible for giving up the touchdown.

Russell Wilson pointed out on the ESPN 2 telecast that Humphrey had stopped running. Wilson was on point with his take. Jones had Humphrey beat unquestionably. But Humphrey could've put in some more effort to chase down Jones on the play.

Marlon Humphrey took to Twitter Tuesday morning with a response to his Monday Night Football performance. It's a 17-game season, so he'll have plenty of chances to redeem himself. For now, though, Twitter will have their fun on this one.

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