“I don’t even know what that word is" - Matt LaFleur dismisses questions about Aaron Rodgers interview on Pat McAfee podcast 

Packers Head Caoch Matt LaFleur
Packers Head Caoch Matt LaFleur

The fallout from the Aaron Rodgers vaccine debacle is beginning to reach an internal boiling point within the Packers' organization.

With Rodgers away from the facility, the rest of the Packers are left to answer questions about the situation.

Matt LaFleur unhappy with line of questioning from reporters about Rodgers

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur was asked about Aaron Rodgers’ interview on "The Pat McAfee Show." LaFleur stated he did not know what the word Ivermectin was.

This is stemming from the Aaron Rodgers interview on the Pat McAfee podcast discussing his vaccination. Rodgers admitted on McAfee's podcast that he is unvaccinated.

He asserted he is hypersensitive to vaccines and has taken Ivermectin, which is a drug applied to deworming animals. It has become a favorable but theoretical treatment to handle COVID amongst people who are against vaccinations.

Matt LaFleur was visibly unsettled by journalists inquiring about Aaron Rodgers and the interview.

“I don’t even know what that word is"

LaFleur said that he probably would not tune in to Rodgers' interview in the same press conference. He stated that he “was not worried about it being a distraction” for their game on Sunday game versus the Chiefs.

Rodgers is missing his first start since 2017 where he only started seven games. The Food and Drug Administration has not sanctioned or commissioned Ivermectin for use in stopping Covid in people.

It has been alerting in opposition to taking the veterinary type of the medicine.

Matt LaFleur dismisses questions

Matt LaFleur flared up when a journalist expressed regret for asking about McAfee's interview with Rodgers. He exclaimed:

"Then don't ask it. Ask something about the Kansas City Chiefs or our football team. I'm not going to answer anything else."

LaFleur is in his third season as the Packers' head coach. Packers fans might think this to be a distraction, but LaFleur is focused on Sunday’s matchup.

Rodgers is not permitted to return to the Packers until no earlier than Nov. 13. That's one day before the Packers face off against the Seahawks next week.

Jordan Love will make his first career NFL start in place. Jordan Love is vaccinated and is still wearing a protective cover since Love is in the NFL's COVID protocols as a close contact.

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