Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly lashes out at league over handling of injuries and concussions

NASCAR Cup Series Wise Power 400
NASCAR Cup Series Wise Power 400

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Matthew Stafford, has lashed out at the NFL for its handling of player injuries and concussions. While the league has put player safety at the top of its priority list, there is still plenty that can be done.

The biggest subject of late has been the ground on which the players play on. Out of the 30 NFL stadiums, 16 have real grass, while the other 14 have turf. We have seen an outcry from players regarding playing on the "synthetic" turf as the injuries are mounting. Kelly Stafford is now the latest in a long line of people expressing her feelings about it.

She took to her Instagram and lashed out at the NFL. She wrote:

"@nfl do something. Show that you wanna make it better for future generations. Saying it doesn't matter what these men play on is complete negligence on your part. @NFL."

Many players have criticized playing on turf, with many making the case that there are more lower-body injuries due to not playing on "real grass". Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the latest player to come out in support of playing on grass.

Rodgers said via Ryan Wood:

“As much as I’ve enjoyed playing indoors over the years on turf, I do think it’s time to play on grass. I think you’d see less of these non-contact injuries.”
Aaron Rodgers lends his voice to the growing number of players requesting a ban of field turf in the NFL: “As much as I’ve enjoyed playing indoors over the years on turf, I do think it’s time to play on grass. I think you’d see less of these noncontact injuries.”

Grass or turf the least of Matthew Stafford and Rams' worries

Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

While the debate surrounding what type of playing surface teams should play on goes viral, Matthew Stafford and his Los Angeles Rams have bigger issues. Winning football games.


The reigning Super Bowl champions have suffered the dreaded Super Bowl hangover to the highest degree. Through nine games, the Rams sit rock bottom of the NFC West with a 3-6 record. At this point in time, the playoffs look out of reach (although, never say never).

The Rams are on a three-game losing streak, and during that time, they have failed to surpass 17 points in a game. They are only averaging 16.4 points per game (29th) and conceding 22.2 points per game (18th).


The Rams now play the New Orleans Saints in Week 11, and it doesn't get easier from there with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs waiting.

Grass or turf? It is a point of debate, but for the Rams and Stafford, they just have to start winning football games.

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