"He isn't wrong wrong" - Michael Thomas sides with Antonio Brown's claim that Colin Kaepernick is trash

New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens
New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas has sensationally agreed with Antonio Brown over the free agent's comments regarding Colin Kaepernick.

Brown took aim at the free-agent quarterback, who has not been seen in the league since 2016. He said he doesn't feel bad for the quarterback because "he took the deal." For good measure, he also said the quarterback was trash on the field.

Saints receiver Michael Thomas replied to Brown's comments, and what he said was very surprising. In a now-deleted tweet, Thomas said:

"he ain't wrong wrong lol."
Thomas siding with Brown over his Kaepernick comments
Thomas siding with Brown over his Kaepernick comments

Brown's comments regarding the free-agent quarterback have caused a stir, and he pointed out that the quarterback took money from the NFL.

Brown said:

“But they gave him the money, and they gave him a commercial, they gave him the documentary,” Brown said, via “He took a deal. We don’t feel sorry for you. You took the deal. Fuck outta here. Oh, Kaepernick. Man, you on fucking Nike, man. F**k outta here. . . ."

Brown added:

“He don’t wanna play, man. He was trash, everything. . . . Kaepernick did all that and took the money and then got the commercial. We don’t see Kaepernick outside. Where he at? I ain’t never seem him outside. . . . All that’s cap. We ain’t respecting that, bro. You took the money, the commercials. We don’t see you outside. We don’t see him in the hood."
Antonio Brown says they don’t feel bad about Colin Kaepernick not being able to play in the NFL because he “Took the deal” and says he was trash on the field 👀🎥: @NajiChill

Brown continued:

"He don’t do nothing. Like, we cool. But nah we ain’t even stan Kaepernick. He not even from the hood. You don’t even been in the trenches. We like Kaepernick and all, but we ain’t really on that. As Black people, we need to get that clear. . . . He took the handout, so he got to take the mayor out and, like, take responsibility for that.”


Michael Thomas deletes tweet about Colin Kaepernick

What is a little odd is that the Saints receiver quickly deleted his tweet siding with Brown. However, one eagle-eyed fan was quick to comment on it.

One NFL fan was quick to give their opinions on Thomas' comments in the now-deleted tweet.

The user took aim at the Saints receiver for siding with Brown.

If you're siding with Antonio Brown it speaks volumes about you.…

The same fan, then, commented and asked why Thomas deleted the tweet, hinting that, maybe, the receiver had changed his mind.

The better question would be to ask Michael Thomas why he deleted the Tweet.Come back to me once you get that answer.…

It is certainly an odd situation for Thomas to comment on the post from Brown, only to quickly delete it.

The free-agent quarterback has been out of the league since 2016 when he took a knee in protest against racial injustice and police brutality. Ever since, he has been trying to get back into the NFL.


Many have sympathy for the 34-year-old quarterback, but it is now clear that Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas are not among them.

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