NFL analyst dissects reason for Tom Brady's poor showing in 2022 NFL season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
Tom Brady hasn't been as good as expected in the first two matches of the season

Tom Brady has made an uneven start to the NFL season and Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe thinks he knows why. Despite being 2-0 on the season, Tampa Bay has looked shaky on offense with Brady not looking like his usual self.

On Fox Sports' Undisputed, Sharpe and Skip Bayless were discussing the Buccaneers' start to the season and Brady's performances in the opening two games.

Sharpe made the case that Tom Brady's weapons are not what they used to be, and given that some of his teammates are out injured, he needs more help than ever.

“The thing is, they need bodies. Mike Evans could potentially be suspended a game. They’re not going to have Godwin. They do believe they are going to get Godwin sometime in the near future, they just don’t know when.
"Julio, we don’t know the extent of that injury, so we don’t know how long, but he might be back this week, it might be three or four weeks. So, you're kind of running out of receiver bodies Skip.
“I mean you got Gage, you got Perriman, you got Scotty Miller, I think you maybe got one other receiver, you probably only dress six or seven receivers. But here’s my thing Skip, the only thing I have said is that as Tom has gotten older, he needs help around him, he needs better players around him, you have to get better players around him.”

Is Tom Brady showing signs of decline?

Tom Brady in Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints match
Tom Brady in Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints match

For a quarterback who is 45 years old, it is natural to expect some sort of decline, right? But we are talking about the 'GOAT' here, he is no ordinary 45-year-old. During the first two games of the year, Tom Brady has only thrown for 402 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.


His completion percentage is 59% and he is averaging only 6.6 yards per attempt. It is only two games, but the seven-time Super Bowl champ is off to a slow start. Are there alarm bells ringing in Tampa Bay? Probably not, as they are 2-0.

With the offense struggling, they have still found a way to win both games, which surely bodes well for when Brady finds his rhythm. Some have pointed to his off-field issues with his wife Gisele as a reason for his poor performances.


It is hard to imagine that his off-field issues haven't had some sort of impact on his game. We will likely never know, but TB12 certainly does not seem like his usual self in the opening weeks of the NFL season.

Is it to do with his lack of receivers or his marriage troubles? Who knows, but one thing is for certain, he isn't himself on the football field.

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