NFL fans blast Cowboys' Jerry Jones over resurfaced photo of him allegedly stopping black classmates from desegregating school

Jerry Jones has come under fire for an old picture
Jerry Jones has come under fire for an old picture

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is never too far away from the headlines. One way or another, his team is splashed somewhere online or in the papers. But this latest one concerns the billionaire owner himself.

A tweet has surfaced with an accompanying photo that has a young Jerry Jones out in a crowd of people. Jones was, according to Joshua Clark Davis, one of the people trying to stop his fellow classmates from desegregating in a school. The picture is purported to be from 1957.

Wow, so Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was one of the bullies trying to stop his Black classmates from desegregating Central High in Little Rock in 1957.…

As expected, once the tweet was posted, NFL fans came for Jerry Jones. One fan wrote:

“It was a different time. I used to be racist. I still am, but I used to be too”
@forthecomments1 @JoshClarkDavis “It was a different time. I used to be racist. I still am, but I used to be too”

Other NFL fans were quick to give their thoughts on the tweet.

@JoshClarkDavis This is what they don’t want their Grandkids to know about them. Why they’re trying to erase Black history from the history books and classrooms, and why there terrified of CRT being taught at Universities. They don’t want those grandkids to know how hateful they are!
@JoshClarkDavis @ProfJeffries This why they are against teaching true American History in class rooms cause their great grandchildren are going to ask them “Grandpa/Ma what side were you on during those times! Just keeping 💯
@JoshClarkDavis Shouldn’t be surprised
@JoshClarkDavis @Chris_Levesque_ As if this is a…
@JoshClarkDavis @deray All of these people woke up that morning, looked in the mirror, and thought to themselves “I’m part of the superior race” lmfao
@hurrmark55 @JoshClarkDavis What has Jerry Jones done to demonstrate he's wised up?
@JoshClarkDavis @LaShea2019 Y’all way more surprised than you should be lol
@JoshClarkDavis This surprises people?We're literally living with descendants of the Confederacy.
@JoshClarkDavis He also bullied Janis Joplin in high school and left her traumatized for life.True story.He's a bad, bad man.

It is clear that most NFL fans have a similar thought process when it comes to Jerry Jones and the photo.

Jerry Jones and Cowboys gearing up for big Thanksgiving clash against the Giants

Dallas Cowboys will be in action on Thanksgiving
Dallas Cowboys will be in action on Thanksgiving

While there is no doubt that the photo of Jones will continue to dominate the media landscape, his team, the Cowboys, have a rather important game coming up. They will be facing division rivals New York Giants at the AT&T Stadium.


After righting the wrongs of the Green Bay Packers loss, Dallas rolled into Minneapolis and torched the Minnesota Vikings 40-3.

Now facing the 7-3 Giants, Dallas need to consolidate. A loss would undo all the good work the team did against the Vikings and would also again raise the same questions about the Cowboys as contenders.

The Cowboys come into the game as heavy favorites and rightly so after hammering the previously 8-1 Vikings. The Giants are coming off a poor loss to the Detroit Lions and are also dealing with a host of injuries.


If there ever was a lay-up for Dallas, this is the game. While it is still professional football, so nothing can be taken for granted, this is a game the Cowboys should be winning.

In doing so, they would move a step closer to the division-leading Philadelphia Eagles (9-1). This will put pressure on them to take care of business against the Packers on Sunday Night Football.

But the photo of Jerry Jones that is now circulating around has the potential to overshadow what is normally a great time of year.

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