"I had to look up who Brandon Graham even is" , "Oh now that’s suave and classy alright" - NFL fans call out Eagles star for referring to Tom Brady as his 'bi**h' in disrespectful fashion

NFL fans call out Eagles star for referring to Tom Brady as his
NFL fans call out Eagles star for referring to Tom Brady as his 'bi**h' in disrespectful fashion

Tom Brady is the most accomplished player in NFL history. He's won seven Super Bowls, which is more than any franchise. He's playing at an elite level at 45 years old, something the vast majority of players have never done. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer when he finally decides to retire.

As a result, defenders are always looking to say that they beat Brady. Defensive backs will point to interceptions and defensive linemen will point to sacks, but those individual plays matter less in the grand scheme of things.

Brandon Graham is a Philadelphia Eagles star and Super Bowl hero. He sacked the then-Patriots quarterback on the final New England Patriots drive of the Super Bowl in 2018. He knocked the ball loose and his teammates recovered it, sealing the win. He hasn't forgotten about that, even signing autographs mentioning Tom Brady and referring to the infamous strip sack. See the Tweet below.

brandon graham is too real for this LMFAOOOO

NFL fans believe Graham could go about it a bit better. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Here are some of the top comments:

@rubythevalley Oh now that’s suave and classy alright. A pro’s pro…🤦‍♂️
@rubythevalley I had to look up who Brandon Graham even is. Never heard of the guy. So what he won a super bowl
@rubythevalley Eagles want to be our main rival/enemy so bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@rubythevalley Lmao win one Super Bowl and his life is complete, what a sad sack of dirt
@rubythevalley Bro beat the Patriots once and thinks he’s good 💀💀
@rubythevalley Brandon WHO?? 6 rings i cant hear you
@rubythevalley I mean, Brady shredded the eagles that game lol
@rubythevalley Definitely the behavior Id expect from a poverty franchise that has a statue of a backup qb lol yikes
@rubythevalley I bet brady doesn't have to do autograph sessions at malls for money

Fortunately for Brady, he has seven rings to fall back on and is probably a little less upset about the one in which he still threw for over 500 yards and multiple touchdowns.

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Does Tom Brady have a shot at an eighth Super Bowl?

Tom Brady - Super Bowl LV
Tom Brady - Super Bowl LV

It is remarkable that Tom Brady has seven Super Bowl victories to his name. What's even more remarkable is that he could legitimately have 10 to his name right now. Brady has three Super Bowl losses and they could all have been wins very easily. In 2008, the undefeated Patriots were undone by a miraculous play.

The Helmet Catch, as it's become known, is one of the reasons the Patriots didn't finish undefeated that year. In 2012, the New York Giants toppled the Patriots again, this time 21-17 on another very late score.

Manning to Tyree. Also known as... "The Helmet Catch." 😱 #WildPlayWednesday | #SBLII

Had it not been for Graham's strip sack, then there's also the possibility that that Super Bowl would have gone into overtime and the Patriots could have won it.

Despite all that, Brady wants another shot, and he stands a great chance of getting it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the top Super Bowl contenders and are the favorites to win the NFC.


With a stacked roster and the greatest quarterback of all time, it just might happen.

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