NFL fans in disbelief Jimmy Garoppolo left out of Family Feud list with Tom Brady in top spot

Steve Harvey left Garoppolo off the list with Tom Brady top
Steve Harvey left Garoppolo off the list with Tom Brady top

NFL fans are in disbelief over the TV show Family Feud and a list that many thought would involve Jimmy Garoppolo but instead included Tom Brady. Host Steve Harvey gave his contestants a question to answer.

The question was, out of sex appeal, who is your favorite quarterback? For most, the top answer is or should have been Garoppolo, but his fellow Patriots teammate Tom Brady was the top answer. But what is even more surprising is that Garoppolo was left off the list altogether.

Steve Harvey threw his card away 🤣

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Brett Favre, Joe Montana and Joe Namath were all on the list.

"Jimmy G not on this list is mind boggling."
@NFL_DovKleiman Jimmy G not on this list is mind boggling.

To say that NFL fans were not thrilled with Garoppolo's exile from the list and Brady at the top is an understatement.

@NFL_DovKleiman idk how hard it is to say jimmy g
@NFL_DovKleiman Man’s wasn’t even on the board?!?!?!
@NFL_DovKleiman This list is missing Jimmy G big time
@NFL_DovKleiman How isn’t Jimmy #1He bad af 🥴
@JDavid_GoPackGo @NFL_DovKleiman The fact that fish face is up there and not jimmy g 🙃
Jimmy G the hottest QB to ever touch a football.…

It appears that many are in agreement that Garoppolo should be number one on the list and not Brady.

Through an up and down season, Tom Brady can hang his hat on Family Feud list

Tom Brady in Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady in Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their 45-year-old quarterback have had an indifferent season, the Family Feud list that sees Tom Brady on top might have him smiling.


After a difficult run that saw Tampa Bay lose three consecutive games, the franchise has steadied the ship to get its record back to .500.

Many counted out the Buccaneers and their quarterback, but one player that should never be counted out is Brady. Still with seven games to go, Tampa Bay has a very real shot at making it to the postseason. Once there, as we know, anything can happen.


The divorce from Gisele Bundchen no doubt had some impact on Brady's performances during the opening month or so of the season. Since that's behind him now, Tampa has won back-to-back games.

There are still some tough games on the schedule for Tampa Bay though. The San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons are all still to be played.

Many still think that the Buccaneers will win the NFC South over the Falcons. However, what many are still in disbelief of is the fact that the 45-year-old was listed by over 100 people as sexier than Jimmy Garoppolo.

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