NFL fans hilariously react to Dan Orlovsky's farting incident on Pat McAfee Show: "Bro had some Chipotle for lunch"

NFL fans hilariously react to Dan Orlovsky
NFL fans hilariously react to Dan Orlovsky's farting incident on Pat McAfee Show

Dan Orlovsky allegedly let out a fart on the Pat McAfee Show, which made for hilarious viewing. The former NFL quarterback had joined the show host online and was discussing matters related to Caitlin Clark's epic performance. At that time, there was a loud noise, which seemed suspiciously like a fart.

Pat McAfee and those in the studio immediately called him out on it and started laughing as Dan Orlovksy sat with a static expression and later tried to defend himself and deflect it. He claimed that it was the windshield wipers that made the noise.

Fans had a field day and were all over the show contributor. They took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to troll the former quarterback. Here are a sample of some of the responses.

Dan Orlovsky's comments lost among fart controversy on Pat McAfee Show

Dan Orlovsky was making a salient point about Caitlin Clark's basketball excellence before the entire fart incident derailed it. He was saying how the player is not only great at what she does but also brings in her teammates in a way Wayne Gretzky used to do in hockey.

In the NFL, it's difficult a find a player like that who has both scored and assisted, as there's a specialized position on the field called a quarterback who has the responsibility to assist the other players in scoring. But the closest one can find to that are players like Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel or Austin Ekeler; running backs who consistently score both while rushing and receiving.

The purpose of comparing Caitlin Clark to other greats is to show just how much potential she has to bring attention to the WNBA when she inevitably joins it.

Having a household name playing, who is arguably bigger than the league, can often drive new fans and interest in the sport. The NFL saw it happen this year when Travis Kelce started dating Taylor Swift and brought in a new legion of fans.

Lionel Messi has had a similar impact on the MLS. Ever since the FIFA World Cup winner joined Inter Miami, he has driven up interest in the sport, with new fans joining just to see him.

Caitlin Clark is not Messi or Gretzky, as Dan Orlvosky said, but she could have a singular impact on women's professional basketball once she joins it, a seemingly valid point.

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