"Brady left NE and been living his best life" - NFL fans mock Bill Belichick for repressing Tom Brady's personality

Some fans think Bill Belichick was responsible for keeping Tom Brady from expressing himself
Some fans think Bill Belichick was responsible for keeping Tom Brady from expressing himself
Adam Schultz

Tom Brady spent two decades with the New England Patriots and for the most part, we did not see him as having much of a personality. For whatever reason, the public never saw the real side of the legendary quarterback.

With Bill Belichick running a tight ship, every press conference was met with almost robotic answers at times as Brady played a straight bat to most questions.

However, since moving to Tampa, we have seen a whole new side to the 44-year-old. He laughs, jokes, and, in general, looks very happy with how things are going in his life. The difference in Brady when he was in New England compared to Tampa is startling and NFL fans have been quick to troll Belichick over it.

The trolling began after a tweet by the quarterback that saw him make a Tiktok video trying to look cool before being caught out.

Brady better hope Gisele doesn’t see this

One NFL fan named John Smith commented, saying that the quarterback is living his best life after leaving New England.

"Brady left NE and been living his best life."
@barstoolsports Brady left NE and been living his best life

A user named Brian replied, asking if Belichick really told Brady not to be this cool for 20 years.

@barstoolsports Did Belichek really just tell Brady for 20 years not to be this cool?

One Twitter user thinks that the 44-year-old enjoyed his Super Bowl win in Tampa more than all the others he won as a Patriot.

@barstoolsports I think @TomBrady enjoyed that SB trophy more than all those in NE combined.

One NFL fan named Juan said that the quarterback is much cooler now that he isn't with Belichick.

@barstoolsports See Tom Brady is cooler now that he ain’t with Belichick

Another Twitter user commented on the tweet and said that this is just more proof that Belichick was holding the 44-year-old back.

@barstoolsports Figured it out 2 years ago this just more proof that Bill was holding Tom back Bill the greatest hater ever

One user asked how the 44-year-old could keep this kind of thing hidden for 20 years.

@barstoolsports How did bb keep this from us for 20 years 😳

A fan named Tasha said that she loves how the quarterback is being himself.

@barstoolsports I love how he is being himself 🤣

One Twitter user replied and said that all of a sudden, the quarterback has a personality, hinting that while in New England, he didn't.

@stayfocus18 @barstoolsports @MrLeXxLJr All of a sudden he has a personality man save it

One user asked why Brady is so likable these days and said that it's like the Patriots told him that having a personality isn't in his contract.

@barstoolsports Why is Brady so likeable these days? The dbag must of washed off of him when he left the Patriots. It's like Kraft and Bellicheck told him having a personality isn't in his contract.

Another Twitter user responded to the video and said that the 44-year-old couldn't do this during his Patriots days.

@bachbrian @TBlack_PRai @barstoolsports agreed. He couldn’t do all this during his dynasty in patriots. I’ll be honest as pats fan, Brady def enjoys what he’s doing rn in the Bucs than he ever did with the pats

Tom Brady hunting for ring number eight

Tom Brady is looking for his eights Super Bowl ring
Tom Brady is looking for his eights Super Bowl ring

After retiring and then coming back after 40 days, Tom Brady is hunting for an incredible eighth Super Bowl ring. With Tampa still having the majority of the roster that made it to the Divisional Round last year, they are in good hands to at least get back to the playoffs.


As we know, once in postseason mode, the 44-year-old is a different animal. Having been there more times than most players, he knows what it takes to win and will be wanting to ride off into the sunset yet again.

Whether he in fact does reach the highs of his first season in Tampa remains to be seen. But you would be a fool to bet against the greatest ever to do it.

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