NFL fans have new theory on why Manningcast has ceased to invite current players for interviews

Peyton and Eli Manning's NFL ESPN Manningcast
Peyton and Eli Manning's NFL ESPN Manningcast

Peyton and Eli Manning's alternative broadcast for NFL Monday Night Football, dubbed the Manningcast, has taken some heat in recent weeks for a rather "mystical" reason.

The NFL decided to give retired quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning their own broadcast of Monday Night Football to host, airing on ESPN2. The debut episode has seemed a smash hit and a new fan favorite. The brothers give real insight about the game along with some stories about their football careers. A major part of their alternate broadcast is the guests. They invite current and past NFL stars, college football coaches, and celebrities to appear on the show for a quarter of the game, which gives fans something more than traditional color commentating.

Eli Manning pleading with Phil Mickelson to tell people “the Manningcast Curse isn’t a thing”Phil - “No, no it absolutely is a thing and that is why I am not playing this week”💀💀💀

Some of the guests the Mannings have had are Tom Brady, Nick Saban, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Jon Stewart, Draymond Green, Phil Mickelson and Al Michaels. However, fans have started to notice a pattern with the show's guests who happen to be current NFL players.

NFL players caught in "The Manningcast Curse"

It started with Travis Kelce in Week 1. Kelce appeared on the show and the Kansas City Chiefs lost the following week to the Baltimore Ravens.

Russell Wilson also appeared for Week 1, and the Seahawks lost, with Wilson also getting injured.

Rob Gronkowski appeared in Week 2. The Buccaneers lost and Gronkowski was injured the following week.

Week 3 saw Matthew Stafford, who lost the next week to Arizona. The same happened to Tom Brady in Week 7 and Josh Allen in Week 8. Every time a current NFL star appears on the Manningcast, they lose the following week.

Sooooo we're watching the ManningCast this week, right?

The Manningcast returns tonight for Week 11, and the current list of guests has sparked some interest on Twitter: Bill Parcells, Kevin Hart, Condoleezza Rice and Julian Edelman. There's not one current player on the schedule for tonight for the second straight week. Fans have a strong theory it is because of the Manningcast Curse.

For the 2nd straight week, #ManningCast is afraid of testing the curse with no active NFL players set to join them. Instead, these 4 individuals join Peyton & Eli. A good foursome for Giants/Bucs.
@Edelman11 Let’s hope the #ManningCast curse doesn’t apply to ex- @Patriots players.
@MySportsUpdate The Manningcast curse is real and they're figuring that out.
No active players want to be apart of the ManningCast curse.…

Peyton Manning himself made an appearance on The Steam Room to give his thoughts on the so-called curse and downplayed it all.

Peyton Manning on the ‘Manning Cast Curse’ & More | The Steam Room…

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