"I'm not sure the USFL would even sign him" - NFL fans react to Antonio Brown's outrageous surgery demand

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown
Wesley D Keefer

Antonio Brown hasn't been seen in the NFL since walking off the field during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' season finale against the New York Jets. He stripped down to just his football pants and jogged across the endzone to the tunnel, cheering the fans as he did so. He claimed it stemmed from the Buccaneers trying to force him to play with severe pain from an ankle injury. After he passed waivers, no one expected to see Antonio Brown anytime soon.

But that's not Antonio Brown's style, is it now? The free-agent wide receiver recently spoke with TMZ Sports and stated that he has not yet undergone surgery for his ankle and refuses to until a team commits to signing him.

Free-agent WR Antonio Brown tells @TMZ_Sports he still hasn’t undergone ankle surgery, and won’t unless a team commits to signing him.…

Brown also asked the question of why other star receivers were getting top-dollar contracts and he was being "undervalued."

Antonio Brown wonders why other wide receivers are getting big contracts and he isn't 💰

Twitter loves when Antonio Brown makes any Tweet or comment on social media, and NFL fans were all-in on what they made of Brown's recent remarks.

@xCOONDOGGx had the perfect response to get the ball rolling and also start rumors of Brown joining a team outside of the NFL this year:

@TomPelissero @TMZ_Sports I’m not sure the @USFL would even sign him

@AllOurTeamsSuck made a valid point in why any team would offer a contract knowing he is "damaged goods."

@MacToHunter @TomPelissero @TMZ_Sports Why would someone sign him if they thought he was damaged goods?

@DrJesseMorse gave their professional opinion on what waiting will do for his 2022 status:

@TomPelissero @TMZ_Sports Well this is spicy. IF AB waits too long for the surgery, depending on the specifics of injury, we could have a similar situation to MT in 2021. Deltoid ligament repairs take 3+ months to get back to 100%, if not longer. Clock is ticking. Video on @TheFantasyDRS soon.

@EricPerricone brings up the fact that Brown would be losing out on several million dollars as he complains about spending a couple thousand on his surgery:

@TomPelissero @TMZ_Sports Passing on millions in a contract to save thousands on a surgery. That he's going to need regardless. He really needs some advocates around him to advise him better.

@MatPahomes51 believes Brown should get the surgery regardless of whether he plays again or not, simply for the ability to walk and run in his everyday life:

@TomPelissero @TMZ_Sports Idk bout you but if I needed ankle surgery, I’d be getting that shit regardless. I like being able to walk and run and work and not be in pain. Weird that you’d only do it when someone signs you, but they can’t sign you unless you pass a physical 🤔🧐

Others, like @MacToHunter, are on the side of Brown in this debate. Sure, a team would help cover the cost of the surgery by paying him a salary, but his NFL insurance would pay for the initial costs:

@TomPelissero @TMZ_Sports Makes sense. Why would he pay out of pocket if someone else will? Y’all hate on this man for no reason

@Keji999 is like many who have the wrong facts on the matter. It is less about money and more about having power in the situation:

@TomPelissero @TMZ_Sports He was jus trying to buy a team… now he ain’t got surgery money😂😂

Could Antonio Brown play for another league?

The USFL is about to kick off its inaugural season in April, and Brown could easily be their most popular player on any roster. As a spring league, the USFL consists more of players who are fresh out of college or who have been cut from NFL practice squads. Still, there is excellent exposure by playing for the XFL or USFL.

Sadly, due to Brown's excessive ego, it seems unlikely that he will agree to play outside the NFL. There's less money and benefits, and the league may veto any contracts offered to him in the first place. As 2022 is their first season, having Brown as the face of the organization may turn away potential investors and sponsors.

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