"You lost me at better than Aaron Donald" - NFL fans react to Cowboys Micah Parsons' bold claim regarding Rams stars

Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams (l) and Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys
Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams (l) and Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys
Thom Allison

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons experienced a rookie year for the ages in 2021. The Penn State graduate was named All-Pro First-Team and Defensive Rookie of the Year. Alongside him in that All-Pro team was his Cowboys teammate, Trevon Diggs, after the cornerback had his own breakout season.

With the new season on the horizon, Parsons does not appear to be short on confidence as he set out his expectations for Diggs and himself. Speaking to Jori Epstein of USA TODAY Sports, Parsons had the following to say:

"Aaron Donald, the greatest defensive player in history, with Jalen Ramsey. ... I think we (he and Trevon Diggs) can become them or even better if we learn together and stick together."

Parsons received plenty of opposition on social media

Naturally, his claim has triggered an immediate response from NFL fans on social media.

One fan claims to have stopped listening as soon as the Rams duo were brought into the conversation:

@AroundTheNFL You lost me at "better than Donald".

But fans also jumped to the defense of the Cowboys star, stating that he had been misquoted and taken out of context:

@AroundTheNFL Literally quoted 2 words. Can’t get any more out of context than that. But ppl will jump at the opportunity to talk shit.

The full quote included the LB admitting they do not necessarily match the Rams duo.

@AroundTheNFL Don't you hate when they just take a piece if what was said just for clicks and traffic?

But that wasn't enough to stop some fans sharing their opinions on Parsons' comments, and plenty seemed to be in disbelief at the linebacker's level of confidence:

There was a reminder to Parsons that perhaps he should focus on team success rather than individual accolades:

@AroundTheNFL Win a playoff game first smh

While some seemed to agree with the young LB's talent and potential, there was a lot less love for his cornerback teammate, Diggs:

@AroundTheNFL Parsons I believe is going to be one of the best for seasons to come. Have an amazing career. He is definitely reaching here. But how is he spos to feel? He should be this confident in his abilities and his teammates.
@AroundTheNFL Lmao diggs is litterally one of the worst CB in the NFL. sure he got alota pics, some because he was aggressive and some because he got beat and got lucky. PFF ranked him as one of the worst cover guys in the NFL. Micha needs drug tested

Trevon Diggs vs Jalen Ramsey

Trevon Diggs garnered a lot of publicity with his 11 interceptions on the season. However, he also has his fair share of doubters. Pro Football Focus does not believe that Diggs' 2021 campaign was special at all, citing how his interception stats were inflated by tips and misplaced passes.


They ranked Diggs as the 36th best corner in the league, giving up an eye-popping 16.8 yards per reception. Ramsey, on the other hand, was PFF's top-ranked cornerback.

The comparison between the two is unfair as Ramsey is far more than just a conventional cornerback. He can line up all over the defensive backfield and on the line of scrimmage. Last season, the Rams even experimented with using him in a hybrid linebacker role.


Although Parsons' trajectory is far higher than Diggs' at this point, whether he can match Donald is highly doubtful. Diggs, on the other hand, still has to prove he is more than just a ballhawk, and can be a lockdown corner first before setting his sights higher.

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