NFL fans split on Drake Maye's questionable food choice ahead of 2024 Draft: "Should have him banned from the league," "Next Mahomes"

Run the Playlist Live at Verizon LIVE at Super Bowl LVIII
Run the Playlist Live at Verizon LIVE at Super Bowl LVIII

Drake Maye is one of the top three quarterback prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft, which begins tomorrow. As one of the few good football players to come from the North Carolina Tar Heels, he has been lauded by fans and pundits alike for his exceptional passing ability.

He also happens to have an unusual favorite food, just like the Tennessee Titans' Will Levis before him: ketchup on steak and eggs, which he proudly revealed on ESPN's Unsportsmanlike Radio podcast:

Fan reaction to Maye's revelation was largely mixed. Some were revulsed, while others thought it was not as bad as initially thought:

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"Big 🚩🚩🚩🚩 take him off your boards. Adding ketchup to steak should have him banned from the league."

More of that divisiveness can be seen below:

"This is a precursor for a failed career and he should go on undrafted," joked one fan.
"Not unusual", another countered.
"At least it’s not mayo in coffee", someone concurred, with an allusion to Levis mixing mayonnaise in coffee.

Drake Maye reveals meeting with teams other than the Commanders and Patriots

The Drake Maye sweepstakes are said to be limited to two teams: the Washington Commanders and New England Patriots. But if the man himself is to be asked, he and at least three more teams have expressed interest in each other.

Speaking to, he revealed:

“At the combine, I met with the Vikings, Giants and Falcons, a bunch of teams out there that may take a quarterback. “So, kind of met with them all. Just ready to go compete wherever it is.”

Of course, that did not preclude him from going to Foxboro, where the Patriots play:

“It was awesome… See all the dynasty, all the history there. Such a coveted kind of sports town.
“(I) got to meet the new coaching staff, (head coach Jerod) Mayo, [which] was awesome, spend time with him. Had a couple of other guys, just mingled with them. But really, just a typical day-in and day-out visit. Got to express why I think I can be the pick and other than that, just ready to compete somewhere.”

The NFL Draft commences tomorrow at 8 PM ET on ESPN.

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