NFL Free Agency: Is re-signing DE Aldon Smith worth the gamble for the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys DE Aldon Smith
Dallas Cowboys DE Aldon Smith
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The Dallas Cowboys have a big decision to make when it comes to bringing back their defensive end Aldon Smith. The DE has had his struggles in the past, but it looks like he has turned his career around with Dallas. The Cowboys only have $10.114 million in cap space left and that could cause issues when it comes to re-signing Smith.

As it sits right now, the Dallas Cowboys have eight players from the 2020 season who haven't been re-signed. The three players that stand out from the list of eight players are safety Xavier Woods, linebacker Sean Lee, and defensive end Aldon Smith. Dallas may have to make a decision to sign one of three players this offseason because of the amount of cap space they have left.

Dallas can sign Sean Lee to a one-year deal, but they will need to make it around the range of $3 million. This leaves them roughly $7 million in cap space to split between Woods and Smith. Xavier Woods is going to be the wildcard when it comes to bringing him back because his market value is $6.25 million annually.

If Dallas chooses to re-sign Woods, it will leave them with roughly $1 million left to sign Smith. This is where the Cowboys will have to make the decision on whether they should bring back both Sean Lee and Aldon Smith. With $10.114 million left in cap space, will the Dallas Cowboys gamble on Aldon Smith one more time?

NFL Free Agency: Should the Cowboys re-sign Aldon Smith?

Dallas Cowboys DE #58 Aldon Smith in NFL action
Dallas Cowboys DE #58 Aldon Smith in NFL action

The Dallas Cowboys took a huge gamble last offseason when they decided to sign defensive end Aldon Smith. The signing came after Aldon Smith missed four straight seasons due to a suspension. After not playing for four years, Aldon Smith was still able to put together a productive season for the Cowboys in 2020.

Aldon Smith's 2020-2021 NFL Season Stats

-- Total tackles: 48

-- Quarterback hits: 14

-- Tackles for loss: 5

-- Sacks: 5

-- Fumble recoveries: 2

-- Touchdowns: 1

Aldon Smith only trailed defensive star DeMarcus Lawrence in tackles. The two defensive ends were the bright spot on the Cowboys' defensive line as the team's interior defensive linemen were not productive at all during the 2020 season.

With Aldon Smith's off-the-field issues seeming to be under control and the production he brought on the defensive line, Dallas should bring him back. The Dallas Cowboys will be able to get him at a discounted price. If they can get Aldon Smith to sign a one-year, $3.5 million deal, they can still give Xavier Woods his market value and let Sean Lee stay a free agent.

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