NFL Free Agency: Why did the Chicago Bears go all in on Kenny Golladay?

Chicago Bears HC Matt Nagy
Chicago Bears HC Matt Nagy
Walter Sharp

The Chicago Bears were one of two teams that made a hard push to sign former Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay. Chicago's attempt to sign Golladay was to get him to join forces with Allen Robinson. Chicago was offering Kenny Golladay around $12 million a year but he was looking for around $18 million.

Unfortunately for the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants offered Golladay the four-year, $72 million deal. The meetings between Kenny Golladay and the Giants went so well that he did not leave the city after his meeting with the Giants. It does make one wonder what the Chicago Bears offense could've looked like with Kenny Golladay and Allen Robinson.

NFL Free Agency: What if Kenny Golladay signed with the Chicago Bears instead of the New York Giants?

New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay
New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay

The Chicago Bears didn't make a hard push at Kenny Golladay in hopes of pushing Allen Robinson to sign. They genuinely went after Golladay because the Bears knew with Golladay and Robinson they could've had the best wide receiver duo in the NFL. With these two wide receivers, the Chicago Bears could've definitely made a run at the 2021-2022 NFL playoffs.

Kenny Golladay and Allen Robinson can both accomplish 1,000 or more receiving yards in a single season. Let's take a look at the combined stats of Allen Robinson and Kenny Golladay.

Kenny Golladay and Allen Robinson Stats

-- Combined receptions: 640

-- Combined receiving yards: 9,076 yards

-- Combined touchdowns: 60

If the Chicago Bears signed Kenny Golladay, it could've changed the way they handled their quarterback situation. Mitchell Trubisky may have stayed in Chicago to make another run at saving his NFL career with the Bears. Mitchell Trubisky is not a horrible quarterback. He hit a slump and failed to get out of it in time to make up for his mistakes.

Ultimately, the Chicago Bears came up $6 million short of having the best one-two wide receiving combinations in the NFL in 2021. One has to think that if the NFL salary cap stayed the same then the Bears could've signed Golladay. The New York Giants are sitting with Kenny Golladay and definitely have a shot at winning the NFC East next season and hosting a playoff game.

The Chicago Bears continue to struggle this off-season, only to be able to hold on to Allen Robinson because of a franchise tag. They've missed out on trading for Russell Wilson and signing Kenny Golladay. It's a rough off-season to be a Chicago Bears fan.

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