"They want Jeff Bezos to own this team"- NFL reporter argues the league wants Amazon founder to buy Washington Commanders

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell
Amazon owner Jeff Bezos and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell
Washington Commanders could have a new owner soon
Washington Commanders could have a new owner soon

National Football League reporter John Middlekauff said that the league wants Jeff Bezos to become the owner of the Washington Commanders. With plenty of drama surrounding the Commanders' owner Daniel Snyder, his days could be numbered.

Snyder is facing allegations of sexual midconduct, along with accusations of withholding ticket revenue from the NFL.

If the allegations turn out to be true, it is believed that the league would force Synder to sell the team, hence paving the way for Bezos to purchase it.

Middlekauff spoke on the 3 and Out podcast and said, with Bezos wanting more influence in Washington, the league would want him to own the Commanders.

The NFL reporter explained:

"And let's face it, they want Jeff Bezos to own this team. And people like Jeff Bezos could own the Broncos. What if he doesn't want to own the Broncos? He owns the Washington Post. He clearly, in this weird way, wants to have a bunch of influence in that city politically, right? Because eventually they're gonna come after his business is too powerful. He's making too much money."
BREAKING: The House Oversight Committee has received info alleging the Washington Commanders used a scheme to hold back ticket revenue from the NFL, sources tell @byajperez.The Commanders allegedly did not pass along the required 40% share of ticket sales to visiting teams.
"That's, well, if he can set up roots there, he already owns the paper, he owns the team. He'll basically just be like, you know, he essentially is a Congress member, and he wants it. They know he wants it. They want to be in business with him. And they're going to try it to me. I think Dan Snyder is going to get kicked out eventually. I don't know if this is going to be the reason."

Middlekauf added:

"But it's just been one thing after another, one leak after another, that there are too many people actively going after. And he clearly has done a lot of shady stuff to make it possible. Like if you haven't done anything shady, even if you hated me, for whatever reason, you wouldn't be able to take me out. But this guy does shady stuff. And there's a lot of people that want to take them out, which includes it feels like prominent power brokers within the league to then place Jeff Bezos."
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Dan Snyder's status/role with the Washington Commanders:

Middlekauff continued:

"And listen. You know, they're already in business with Amazon for the Thursday night game. Like I said, it's Amazon is in this business to just be in the NFL business. They don't care the ratings. They're not in the advertising business. This is just a line item to them. How many whether 10 people watch Thursday night football or 10 million watch Thursday night football, Jeff Bezos ain't losing a minute asleep. Hell! I don't even know if the guy likes football. But I do believe that Jeff Bezos is going to be eventually the next owner of the Washington Commanders football team our whatever you want to call them."

Daniel Snyder could be forced to sell the Washington Commanders

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Redskins
Baltimore Ravens v Washington Redskins

If the allegations being lobbed at Snyder turn out to be true, then the Commanders' owner could be forced, by the NFL, to sell the team.


Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that Snyder is not currently involved in the day-to-day operations with the team as the allegations go through the court system.

After re-branding the team and having a new quarterback, Washington's fresh start has been hampered by its owner and the allegations surrounding him. Many had hoped that the 2022 season would be better than last year; however, at this stage, before a ball has even been thrown, it appears they are off to a worse start.

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