NFL reporter pleads with Buccaneers to do everything possible to reunite Tom Brady with Rob Gronkowski

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski must be together again

Tom Brady has not had it nearly as easy in 2022 when it comes to his offensive weapons as he has in the past. A big reason for that is Rob Gronkowski's absence, which has not only taken a reliable set of hands away from the Tampa quarterback but has also robbed him of a friend.

"Tom Brady and the Bucs have to lure Rob Gronkowski out of retirement" - Ex-Ravens star urges NFL GOAT to add retired TE to Buccaneers roster

The Tampa Bay Times' John Romano has poetically pleaded for Gronk to return to his natural-born role of catching passes from Tom Brady. Romano urged the Buccaneers to do whatever it took to get Gronkowski back on the roster.

According to Romano, the Bucs should tempt Gronkowksi by offering him "midweek vacations and "more endorsements". He also feels the tight end's return could solve the Bucs' offensive woes.


Gronkowski was third in targets and receiving yards for Tampa in 2021, raising that rank to No. 2 with Chris Godwin absent during the Bucs' two postseason games against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Los Angeles Rams. His absence has been conspicuous throughout the three weeks of the 2022 NFL season.


In terms of personal life, Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, have been embroiled in a highly-publicized spat regarding the quarterback's return to the gridiron for a 23rd season. While the reporting narrative has shifted to it having nothing to do with football, the accompanied slapping-on of the 'sexist' label likely indicates a bit of censorship imposed by whichever party wants the original narrative to die.

Gronk is definitely coming back to the Bucs..."If Tampa loses to Green Bay, Rob Gronkowski makes his return. Tom Brady isn't playing this year to NOT make the playoffs." โ€” @craigcartonlive

Tom Brady needs his other receiving threats back too

Forget Gronk for a second. That Tom Brady almost defeated the Packers in Week 3 without Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Julio Jones shows that practically nothing in this world can stop the talismanic quarterback.

Not personal issues at home, not Russell Gage being his only remotely top-tier receiving option available, not being in the midst of his 23rd year in the NFL and the 45th of life.

Tom Brady, who has spent half his life in the NFL spotlight, just needs his receiving threats back to once again lead the MVP rankings that are presently somehow occupied by Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts.

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