Nick Wright believes Sean McDermott will be fired if Bills don't make Super Bowl: "Can't lose to the same team in the playoffs"

 Nick Wright believes Sean McDermott will be fired if Bills don
Nick Wright believes Sean McDermott will be fired if Bills don't make Super Bowl

The Buffalo Bills, under coach Sean McDermott, have been knocking the doors of a Super Bowl for the last seven years. Yet, they've been unable to get past the AFC Championship game.

The Bills have lost thrice in the last three years in the divisional round of the playoffs, once in the Wild Card round and once in the AFC Championship game. Moreover, the Kansas City Chiefs have had their number in the postseason. Three out of the last four years, the Bills have lost to the Chiefs in the postseason.

Nick Wright believes that if the team doesn't make the Super Bowl the year, coach Sean McDermott will be fired. On FS1's "First Things First," Wright said that the Bills will enter the season with "Super Bowl or Bust" expectations. He adds that they can't afford losing to the Chiefs once again in the playoffs.

"I think they'll fire their coach if that (Bills lose in AFCCG to Chiefs) happens, Wright said. "You can't lose the same team in the playoffs four out of five years and run it all back."
"The world thinks they have the second best quarterback alive... They are in a division that does not have a juggernaut in it. And while they let guys go but it's not like they did a massive overhaul. ... They traded Diggs because they stopped using him."

Wright added:

"What is this the scenario in Buffalo this year, that doesn't end in them playing in the Super Bowl that doesn't also then end in the coach being fired? What is it? ... So I just I think if Buffalo doesn't make the Super Bowl, they fire their coach."


Sean McDermott and the Bills will have tough hurdles en route Super Bowl

The Buffalo Bills will enter the 2024 season with quite a few challnges on their hand. They lost key pieces, on both offense and defense, in the offseason.

The Bills traded Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans. Star wide receiver Gabe Davis joined the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency, while All-Pro cornerback Jordan Poyer joined their divisional rivals Miami Dolphins.

The Bills will have lot of new faces in the roster - Mecole Hardman, Chase Claypool, Keon Coleman, to name a few. Getting on the same page will be their first big hurdle.

The next big challenge they face is that their divisional rivals, New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins, have got significantly better. A healthy Aaron Rodgers' return and Odell Beckham Jr.'s addition will boost the Jets and the Dolphins' offense respectively.

The Bills are tied at No. 6 for the toughest strength of schedule, according to ESPN. They have a tough six weeks to start the season. Acclimatizing and maneuver these hurdles will eventually decide the fate for Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills.

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