Nikki Glaser felt "like Taylor Swift for a couple days" after success of Tom Brady's Netflix roast

Nikki Glaser felt "like Taylor Swift for a couple days" after success of Tom Brady
Nikki Glaser on Tom Brady's Netflix roast

It's been three weeks since Tom Brady's Netflix roast, and fans are still discussing it. The roast wasn't just a massive moment for Brady but also for the panelists who jabbed the NFL legend.


For comedian Nikki Glaser, the roast was a changing point in her life, she said earlier this month during the "Chicks in the Office" podcast.

"I did feel like Taylor Swift for a couple days. ... My face everywhere. I open my phone, and people are talking about me," Glaser said. (Timestamp: 15:25) "Like, that must be what it's like to be her."

Nikki Glaser, who said she's a Swiftie, said she was preparing for the roast and inspired by Swift's drop of "Tortured Poets Department" in mid-April.

"I had about a month and a half. I'd known for a while, but I didn't know who was going to be on it besides Tom Brady until, like, weeks before, and so it's no point in really writing or preparing," Glaser said. "So, I kind of knew but didn't really force myself to get in, like, really, like, specialized training mode."

Despite the huge success of Tom Brady's Netflix roast, Nikki Glaser won't do roasts often

Tom Brady's Netflix roast was a game-changer for Nikki Glaser, who got a great career boost. However, despite the bump, Glaser won't be doing regular roasts.

"I would not recommend doing this for myself more often than once a year in terms of, like, the amount of pressure I felt. ... It really felt like the Olympics ... and thank God I nailed it, but ... I just got lucky," Glaser said.

Glaser said that with the way Tom Brady said goodbye to her after the roast, she feels like she'll most likely never meet him again. However, the comedian noted that it was a sweet goodbye.

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