NFL Trade Rumors: Radio host names bizarre landing spot for Jimmy Garoppolo 

Cleveland Browns might be interested in getting Garoppolo on board
Cleveland Browns might be interested in getting Garoppolo on board

Since the end of the last NFL season, rumors have been circulating that the San Francisco 49ers would be trading quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

But so far, the 49ers haven't made that move. A lot of football analysts believe the reason why a trade hasn't been made for Jimmy Garoppolo is that the market has dried up for quarterbacks.

Most teams who needed a starting quarterback have filled that position. Also, the 49ers might want to keep Jimmy Garoppolo around if Trey Lance doesn't pan out this season.

But one radio talk show host, Greg Papa, seems to think that the Cleveland Browns may still be interested in Jimmy G. Here, according to him, is the reason: They don't know what may be happening with Deshaun Watson in the future.

@Here4SportsBets @rEOhworN5Rc4mlY @AdamSchefter Don’t think the Browns want to unload Baker until they see the end result of the Deshaun situation. If Watson is only suspended for 6 games or so, then they need Baker to run the offense until then, and they’d hope he would play to bump his trade stock up.

Papa believes if the Browns want to stay in the playoffs picture, and if Watson has to sit out, they better get Garoppolo.

“Say Deshaun gets 12 games and comes back, Jimmy can make it 9-3 vs. 3-9. Wouldn’t they do that? So could the market change and specifically see Jimmy Garoppolo go to Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski and the Haslams?"

Papa thinks with Watson, the Browns are serious Super Bowl contenders.

“I think Cleveland with Deshaun Watson is a Super Bowl team. The AFC is loaded so it may not turn out that way, but it’s a really good roster... Jimmy is a better player, we all acknowledge that. That could be the difference of coming out of the Watson suspension with a chance in November to make the playoffs and win.”

So, will Jimmy G be the Browns' savior in 2022? Only time will tell but its an interesting proposition.

@DJosiahD3 @A_Reese16 @DamonAndRatto @DamonBruce You can say what you want about Jimmy Garoppolo. That's your opinion. I'm just going to leave you with these facts: Jimmy Garoppolo's W-L record as a starter (including playoffs): 37-16 (69.8%)Kyle Shanahan's W-L record without Garoppolo: 8-27 (22%)

Jimmy Garoppolo going to the Browns may be a problem

tThere are some issues with Garoppolo going to the Browns
tThere are some issues with Garoppolo going to the Browns

Here is the problem with Jimmy G going to the Browns: He wants to be a starter. One has to doubt if he wants to go to Cleveland to back up Watson, even if it's for the year.

The other problem is: What if he does well? Then you have a quarterback controversy on your hands. Garoppolo might not be as talented as Watson but he does win.

If he comes in and takes the Browns to a Super Bowl or even the AFC Championship game, then what?

This might be an interesting thought, but one doubts if the 49ers or Browns, not to mention Garoppolo himself, would go for it.

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