"He's a crap owner": Panthers fans react as reports emerge of David Tepper threatening to relocate if not handed $650,000,000 for renovation

NFL: Preseason-Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers
NFL: Preseason-Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers

David Tepper has been requesting funds from the Charlotte City Council to renovate Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers. However, as per reports, their deal is at an impasse, and the billionaire owner is threatening to leave the city and take his team elsewhere.

Tepper purchased the Panthers in 2018 for $2.3 billion, which is a record. Under his ownership, the Panthers have not had a fruitful time in terms of on-field success.

However, Tepper is planning to renovate the stadium that hosts the Panthers and Charlotte FC for $1.3 billion, with $650 million in assistance from the council.

As per The Charlotte Observer, this deal is not moving up at the expected pace of Tepper and the owner could threaten to relocate both these teams.

“David Tepper wants $650 million in free money from Charlotte to upgrade the Panthers' stadium. The 'or else' is looming. What if they call his bluff? Where will he go? (Not Rock Hill, that's for damn sure.)”

This report was enough to send the fans into offensive mode as they took shots at David Tepper and also called out his threats of relocation.

“Call his bluff, he’s a crap owner. He’ll always do this. If he’s such a good businessman, then let him fix the stadium on his own.”
“As bad as the Panthers have been I’d let them walk. Call Tepper’s bluff.”

One fan, apart from raising the voice to call out Tepper’s bluff, also compared him to former Washinton Commanders owner Dan Snyder.

“They need to call this bluff. Tepper working on his Dan Snyder doctorate of bad ownership,” wrote one fan.

Many fans were outraged at the prospect of Tepper demanding public money and utilizing his funds completely.

“Call his bluff. Why should ordinary people pay for these rich cat play toys?” asked one fan.
“How about spend YOUR money on YOUR team!” suggested one fan.
“The Panthers have been a very bad team for several seasons. Tepper, whose net worth is $20B, wants the public to find stadium improvements. The gall…,” wrote another fan.

David Tepper gets trolled by NFL analyst

Last year, the Panthers had the overall first pick at the draft. They selected QB Bryce Young. However, many have highlighted the difference in handling of top rookies from last year to this. NFL analyst Mike Florio took shots at Tepper in this regard on his NBC show:

“Sorry David Tepper, don't throw a drink on anybody about that one. It's your own damn fault. If you're gonna throw a drink, throw it on yourself.”

Florio referenced an incident with David Tepper where he threw a drink at a rival fan. He will need to be a lot more level-headed in dealing with the city council.

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Edited by Akshay Saraswat
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