NFL Rumors: Panthers and Seahawks still open to potential Baker Mayfield trade 

Baker Mayfield may find suitors in Panthers or Seahawks
Baker Mayfield may find suitors in Panthers or Seahawks
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Thom Allison

Some NFL analysts believe that there is no market for Baker Mayfield. The Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks may be about to test that theory. When your starting QB's are Sam Darnold and Drew Lock, you should always retain an interest in other signal callers.

Neither player has shown that they are capable of successfully running a pro offense. Darnold, when he wasn't seeing ghosts, managed to put together an overall record of 17-32, while playing for the New York Jets and Panthers.

Carolina had so much confidence in him that they found an old Cam Newton jersey from 2017, and asked the 2021 version to come and try to fill it.

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Panthers are waiting on the Browns to take on a “much greater portion” of Baker Mayfield’s contract in a potential trade.…

Drew Lock has not fared much better. While at Mile High, he went 8-13, which led the Broncos to believe that journeyman Teddy Bridgewater offered them a greater chance of success.

Used as a makeweight in the trade that saw Russell Wilson take his cooking show to Denver, Lock arrived in Seattle with little fanfare. He does appear to have one important fan, his new head coach Pete Carroll, who recently had some words of praise for him.

"I think he’d have been the first guy picked, of quarterbacks anyway. He’d have been the first guy in this draft. I don’t have any hesitation saying that."

Perhaps Coach Carroll has already seen enough, as word on the grapevine is that the Seahawks retain a real interest in Mayfield. It is believed that they have entered into a battle of wills with the Browns to see which team will blink first.

Baker Mayfield Still On Radar For Seahawks, Panthers…

Should teams want Baker Mayfield?

For teams with a QB situation like the Seahawks and Panthers, the simple answer is - yes. Though when it comes to Baker Mayfield, common sense does not always apply and no two opinions ever seem to be the same.

Sporting an overall record of 29-30, with a playoff victory under his belt, Mayfield has certainly done enough to suggest that he is a better option than the current incumbents in Seattle and Carolina.


Does that mean that a franchise will pull the trigger on a trade? It is not a certainty. Mayfield's play is not the only aspect that teams will be considering. They will also have in mind the perceived baggage that comes along with him.

He has already expressed an interest in playing in Seattle, but he previously wanted to play in Indy. Those words had barely left his mouth and the Colts were tying up a trade for Matt Ryan.


The story has rumbled on for months with no end date in sight. The Browns' own issues with Baker Mayfield's replacement may further complicate the situation.

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