"Disgusting behavior": Patrick Mahomes' lucky underwear superstition grosses out NFL fans 

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Patrick Mahomes' lucky underwear superstition grosses out NFL fans

Patrick Mahomes comes from a baseball family, so it should come as no surprise that he inherited some of the sport's superstitious beliefs. However, Mahomes might have taken it to the next level as he revisited his most infamous routine on the ManningCast as Russell Wilson played against Josh Allen in the background.

The quarterback confirmed that he still wears the same pair of red underwear for each game that he plays in. However, he let the mystery linger of whether he washes the clothing item or lets it ride. Fans responded negatively to different degrees to the quarterback's admission:

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen succumb to Russell Wilson in back-to-back games

Russell Wilson Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos

While speaking with Peyton Manning, Patrick Mahomes watched the Denver Broncos break the second of two long-standing streaks against both himself and Josh Allen, the two competitors of the 2020 AFC Championship game.

Heading into their Week 8 game against Patrick Mahomes, the team had not beaten the Kansas City Chiefs since they had Peyton Manning. That losing streak fell. They had a bye week off in Week 9 and then upset the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football in Buffalo's stadium.

The team snapped a seven-game MNF losing streak, stretching back to their last road win on the program in 2012, early in the Peyton Manning era. Heading into the three-game winning streak, the team was 1-4 and had begun the year at 0-3 with a 70-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins, which many believed to be the de facto knockout punch.

Now, it seems, the team has clawed its way back into contention after arguably defeating Patrick Mahomes in the divisional series and then upsetting Josh Allen. Mahomes was 1-1 in the series by a combined score of 28-32.

The Broncos still sit near the bottom of the AFC playoff picture in terms of standings, but if the team somehow does get above .500 this year, they'll point to these two weeks as the turning points. In that way, Wilson can thank Patrick Mahomes.

As for Mahomes, his defense will need to work as hard as many analysts, pundits, and fans now believe that if the Chiefs are to get back to the Super Bowl again this season, it will have to come down to their defense.

The team's offense ranks 13th in points per game while their defense ranks second in points allowed per game.

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