"I think he's going to be great for our young receivers" - Peyton Manning speaks on impact Russell Wilson will have for Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning spoke about the prospect of watching Russell Wilson in action
Peyton Manning spoke about the prospect of watching Russell Wilson in action
Ian Van Roy

For long-time Broncos fans, watching Peyton Manning talk about Russell Wilson is not unlike watching Rey and Kylo Ren joining forces in Star Wars.

Once enemies on the biggest stage in sports, the two quarterbacks are now on the same team and hoping for the best for the Denver Broncos. Manning is watching from afar and Wilson down in the trenches.

Peyton Manning spoke to the Denver Broncos' official media team in a clip posted on May fourth. Here's what he had to say about his impressions of the new quarterback and his situation:

"I do think it's an advantage for Russell to be coming in with a new coaching staff because everybody's learning and Russell is going to know this offense better than anybody. So, he's going to be in the teaching mode as well. If you're a new player and you're catching up to everybody else, in a leadership position, that can be difficult."
"He's off to a fast start. ... I think he's going to be great for our young receivers. Like all Broncos fans, I'm excited to see him get to work this fall."Peyton Manning on @DangeRussWilson:

After hinting that Wilson is getting a better situation than he got coming in, he continued to talk about his excitement to see what happens in the fall.

"So, I think Russ has had a real advantage where they're learning coach Hackett's offense together, figured out what works and what doesn't work and I think he's gonna be great, obviously, for our young receivers and, like all Broncos fans excited to see him get to work this fall."


Peyton Manning vs Russell Wilson in Super Bowl 48

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show
Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show

Long-time NFL viewers will remember Super Bowl 48 as one of the most surprising Super Bowls of the last decade.

On one side, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos were riding hot with the highest-scoring offense of all time. On the other side, Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks arrived with what many see as one of the greatest defenses of the 21st century.

Russell Wilson on @GMFB . He's dialed in, going through the roster, 1 by 1, on who's impressed him. I'm sold. May take the Broncos out of the AFC West.

The Broncos, touting a quarterback who had already won a Super Bowl, were the favorites. However, the final score was the inverse of what many expected heading into the game.

After an implosion right at the start with the first snap, the Broncos lost to Russell Wilson 43-8. While Wilson played well, the defense stole the show, forcing turnover after turnover.


The tone of the game was set when the opening snap sailed over Peyton Manning's head and landed in the endzone, resulting in a safety.

The remaining plays felt like a countdown to one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets of the 21st century. However, fast forward a decade, and both quarterbacks find themselves pulling for the same team.

Will the former Seahawks quarterback please the former Broncos quarterback this fall?

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