Rob Gronkowski gives honest thoughts about Tom Brady’s possible NFL return to replace Jimmy Garoppolo - “Always gonna be speculation” 

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski's take on Tom Brady potentially replacing Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom Brady officially announced his retirement during the 2023 NFL offseason. While he also did so last year, only to change his mind a few weeks later, this time around certainly seemed much more final. That may no longer be the case as an interesting avenue back to the football field is rumored to be developing.

One of the many business ventures Tom Brady has explored in his retirement is NFL ownership. He recently purchased a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders and specualtion has already begun about the possibility of him becoming a player-owner. The rumors have been accelerated by Jimmy Garoppolo's complicated injury situation.

Rob Gronkowski recently appeared on an episode of the "Up & Adams" show to give his take on the potential scenario where Brady replaces Garoppolo:

“If he doesn't show up, for some reason, which it happens, you know. Some people don't pass physicals if they don't come out as strong as they do after surgery. Then that's going to be a story, that's going to be a headline, and that's going to put the Raiders in a difficult situation. So it's basically all on Jimmy Garoppolo and how he treats his rehab and how he comes back."
"If he does not, if he doesn't pass the physical, the speculation of Tom Brady coming back and playing for the Raiders is going to be on everyone's radar... It's always gonna be speculation because it's Tom Brady.”

The Raiders signed Jimmy Garoppolo during the 2023 NFL offseason to replace Derek Carr as their starting quarterback. The contract comes with a unique clause title Addendum G, giving the franchise a potential out if Garoppolo is unable to pass a physical examination. He has yet to do so as he works his way back from surgery.

If Garoppolo continues to fail his physicals, the Raiders have a legal right to release him without any financial penalty, as per the contract clause. While this could potentially open the door for Tom Brady to become a player-owner, it's a bit more complicated than that.

Can Tom Brady be a player-owner of the Raiders?

Brady makes headlines again
Brady makes headlines again

While there's nothing in the NFL rules that prohibits someone from being both an owner as well as a player, there's a catch. The owners of the 31 other NFL teams would all have to approve for this situation to happen. This means that if Tom Brady wants to play quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, his chances of doing so are decreased by becoming an owner.


If playing for the Raiders is his ultimate plan in 2023, signing as a free agent is the path of least resistance. While he's perfectly within his rights to eventually become a player-owner, it's unclear if he would obtain the unanimous approval from the rest of the NFL owners to do so.

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