WATCH: Rob Gronkowski stars in new commercial tailor-made for US veterans and army personnel

Rob Gronkowski on USAA
Rob Gronkowski on USAA's latest TV spot Mandatory Credit: Sports Business Journal

Rob Gronkowski has partnered with USAA (the United Services Automobile Association) since 2021. His latest round of ads have kicked off in earnest. They include some sassy military wives and moms mocking him for not knowing they were already using USAA and for his painting of the logo.

Gronkowski's first set of ads focused on his inability to get USAA insurance coverage due to not being from a military family. You have to give credit to Gronkowski for his willingness to be self-deprecating in these ad-spots. But let's not sit here and discuss his work of art.

The Tampa Bay Times wants Rob Gronkowski back at the Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Las Vegas Raiders
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Las Vegas Raiders

It's undeniable that the Tampa Bay Times would directly benefit from having Rob Gronkowski back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The tight end legend teaming up with Tom Brady will always be what's best for business. In particular, the business of reporting on the Buccaneers.


Tampa Bay Times writer John Romano made the case for Gronkowski's hopeful return to Tampa Bay in poetic fashion. His latest piece is titled 'Nothing wrong with the Bucs that Rob Gronkowski can’t fix.' He requested that the front office "make the call. Bend the knee. Open the vault. Do whatever it takes" to get Gronkowski back in the lineup. But his wish currently seems unlikely to come true. Gronkowski seems pretty settled in retirement and doesn't seem to be missing football.


That hasn't stopped people talking though. One of the main talking points so far this season has been the Buccaneers' struggles on offense. Tampa Bay sit at 2-1, with their loss coming to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday (14-12). But they've not been inspiring or putting up many points. They defeated the New Orleans Saints 20-10, but their defense scored a touchdown in that game. They also beat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 with a 19-3 scoreline.

While Brady still produces strong numbers by any other quarterback's standards, Buccaneers fans have grown accustomed to more. Gronkowski's presence has always coincided with the best years of Brady's career. Their renaissance in Tampa Bay led to an immediate Super Bowl win in 2021 and Gronkowski could still have a campaign left in him.

With injury uncertainty in the Buccaneers WR room, Gronkowski could bring significant stability back to the offense. Time will tell if Tom Brady can once again convince him to return to the NFL.

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