WATCH: Rob Gronkowski hilariously trolls his brother Chris over claiming ownership of iconic Gronk spike

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Rob Gronkowski celebrates with his iconic Gronk spike
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Rob Gronkowski celebrates with his iconic Gronk spike
Souryadeep Mazumder

Rob Gronkowski knows a thing or two about celebrating a touchdown. His iconic Gronk spike has been replicated by multiple NFL superstars over the years whenever they catch a ball in the endzone. But it is the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star who claims to be the first to do so.

But that claim is now in jeopardy as his older brother Chris, who too once played in the NFL, claims that he was the first to do it. In a recent video posted by the older of the two brothers, Chris played a clip where he is seen scoring a touchdown as a Cowboys player and pulling off the famous Gronk spike.

The four-time Super Bowl champion, though, was not going to let this be and wanted the last laugh. Rob ended up replying to the video, reminding his sibling of how many touchdowns he has had in the NFL.

"Wow... He scored one touchdown."

While Rob does have the distinction of scoring more touchdowns than his brother, 91 more to be precise, it doesn't take away from the fact that it was indeed his brother Chris who introduced the world to the Gronk spike.

Rob Gronkowski still a free agent heading into 2022 NFL season

Rob Gronkowski retired back in 2019 after calling it a time on his NFL career with the New England Patriots. That retirement, though, was short-lived as he soon joined Tom Brady in Tampa Bay to win his fourth Super Bowl ring a year later.

After re-signing with the Buccaneers on a one-year deal last season, Gronk showed the world that he still has what it takes to perform against the very best. But despite his unquestionable talent, the tight end currently finds himself without a team for the upcoming season.


Rob Gronkowski had earlier once, gone on to claim that he would never play for any other quarterback in the NFL apart from Tom Brady. As Brady returns for season #23, the tight-end's future still hangs in the balance. NFL insider Mike Florio recently questioned whether the hold-up was down to money.

"At the heart of the issue could be the question of what the Bucs can or will pay Gronkowski. With the receiver market going haywire and with 49ers tight end George Kittle recently telling #PFTPM that the disparity between top wideout pay and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce‘s annual rate 'boggles the mind', it’s not unreasonable to ask whether Gronk is worth more than the $8 million or $10 million or whatever compensation package the Bucs will offer him."

The Buccaneers had earlier expressed their desire to bring back Gronkowski as well. Whether or not it comes to fruition, only time shall tell.

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