Saints legend Drew Brees issues 'come and get me' plea in hopes of landing a broadcasting job

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Purdue at Louisiana State
NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Purdue at Louisiana State

Former New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is lobbying for a broadcasting job at the primetime slot once again after not getting many opportunities during his first stint. After a 19-year career with the Saints (plus five with the San Diego Chargers), Brees retired in 2020 and will be inducted into the franchise's Hall of Fame this year. At the pre-ceremony Brees said:

“The thing that I wanted to do the most, that I felt like I could bring the most value at was broadcasting NFL games and it was the thing I had the least opportunity to do.”

After retiring in 2020, Brees took up a broadcasting job with NBC Sports, however, he covered only two NFL games and a handful for college. Drew Brees took to X to put himself forward for another chance:

“Yep, I said it. SNF, MNF or Thursday Night Football. Come get me when you’re ready! Until then I’m coaching ball.”

Drew Brees is now back at his old college, Purdue, in the role of interim assistant coach, where he said he is set to stay unless something else comes up.

Prominent NFL personalities whom Drew Brees could follow in broadcasting

Drew Brees dipped his toes into broadcasting post-retirement but didn't make much of an impact. However, several NFL personalities have thrived and Brees could be looking to learn from their success or join them in the booth.

#1. Tom Brady

The pairing of Brady and Brees would be a must-watch for any NFL fan. Two prominent QBs from a beloved era sharing their thoughts and experiences could be a great mix, but whether they would share the booth is another matter, especially with Brady's $375 million contract.

#2. Greg Olsen

Reports of Olsen considering a move away from FOX are abound, and Brees could potentially replace the award-winning broadcaster. Olsen was a tremendous talent and gained the respect of just about everybody during his time with the Carolina Panthers.

#3. Tony Romo

Tony Romo is something of a polarizing figure among NFL fans. That said, given how much some quarters love his ability to predict plays before they can happen, a cerebral former QB like Drew Brees could likely do the same.

#4. Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce is set to be part of ESPN's "Monday Night Countdown." While ESPN has made a lot of headlines in recent years for letting go of long-term staff, Brees appears to be looking for a chance to prove himself rather than a big contract, so maybe ESPN will give him that

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