Tom Brady’s broadcasting partner mulls over loss of ‘number one analyst’ position while taking $7,000,000 pay cut

Tom Brady takes away the top position from Greg Olsen
Tom Brady takes away the top position from Greg Olsen

Tom Brady will be entering a new side of football. The NFL icon will be at Fox Sports as an analyst and commentator. However, just like his entry into pro football, his predecessor will be bumped down while Brady secures the top position and top dollar.

In May 2022, Tom Brady signed a record-breaking contract worth $375 million for 10 years with Fox Sports to join their desk. He will begin his duties this season. And Brady's hefty salary means that Greg Olsen, a Fox Sports analyst, will end up being a major loser.

Olsen was previously signed to a $10 million contract; however, to accommodate the seven-time Super Bowl champion, Fox Sports cut his pay by $7 million for this year.

NFL fans have had their say. However, Olsen made it clear that he is not taking these new proceedings lying down. Olsen appeared on a podcast with ‘Front Office Sports’ and aired his grievances.

“My aspirations are still to be a number one analyst, whether it's at Fox or elsewhere, and that that will never change. As long as I do this. I'm not just content to be there,” Olsen said.
“I'm not just happy to have a seat. I want the top seat and I want that wherever that opportunity allows, and I'll never stop working for that. I feel more motivated for that now than ever.”

Last weekend, Olsen won the Emmy award for ‘Top Analyst.' Only time will tell whether he continues to remain with Fox Sports or looks for greener pastures elsewhere.

Tom Brady's former coach is excited about his new stint off the gridiron

The former New England Patriots QB has spent more than two decades on the gridiron and the world awaits his insights as he picks up the microphone. His former coach, Michael Lombardi, shared his excitement recently on The Pat McAfee Show.

"This is where you're going to see the brilliance of Tom Brady, is because Brady is going to be able to tell you things … that nobody else can,” Lombardi said.

Tom Brady will begin his sportscasting career on September 8 as the Chicago Bears face off against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1.

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