Simone Biles gets emotional after reuniting with Jonathan Owens while maintaining long-distance balance 

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens finally spent time together after being busy.
Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens finally spent time together after being busy.

Simone Biles and her husband, Jonathan Owens, got back to their business of being high-performing athletes when the Green Bay Packers started their preseason training and Biles made her much-awaited return to gymnastics.

The couple had been spending time apart because of their professional commitments. While away, Simone Biles won her eighth U.S. gymnastics championship, setting herself up for another Olympics. Her husband also celebrated when it was announced that he made it to the Green Bay Packers' 53-man roster.

Now, only a week remains for the NFL season to start. But before that, the couple united and spent some quality time with each other.

Simone posted a romantic picture on her Instagram account and captioned it:

"back together again🤞🏾"

In the picture, fans could see the hands of both the star athletes and also spot their wedding bands, which were studded with several diamonds.

Her husband reciprocated the same emotions.

Image Credit: Biles' Instagram Post
Image Credit: Biles' Instagram Post

The Packers' first game of the season will take place on Sept. 11 against the Cleveland Browns.

Simone Biles shared her happiness over her husband making the Packers roster

Simone Biles, the celebrated Olympic athlete boasting four gold medals, couldn't contain her joy when her husband, Jonathan Owens, clinched a spot on the NFL roster for the Packers. She hopped onto her Instagram story to share the exhilarating news, punctuating it with a green heart emoji and Owens' jersey number.

Despite the hurdles posed by their long-distance relationship, Biles remains an unwavering source of encouragement for her husband and intends to be present at his games. Their mutual support for each other's triumphs in their individual athletic journeys remains a prominent feature of their relationship.

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