Skip Bayless labels Aaron Rodgers as ‘over-hyped’ and ‘overrated’ ahead of QB’s debut season with New York Jets

Skip Bayless had some strong words to say about Aaron Rodgers
Skip Bayless had some strong words to say about Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets earlier this offseason, signaling the end of an era in Green Bay. Rodgers won a Super Bowl and four regular-season MVP awards with the Packers after being drafted in 2005.

Rodgers has been chastised throughout his career for winning only one Super Bowl, with Skip Bayless being his harshest critic. Bayless went off on Rodgers again ahead of his debut season with the Jets, explaining why he believes the quarterback is one of the most overrated players in the game.

Here's what Bayless said on his show:

“Aaron Rodgers is not that guy, over-hyped, overrated, you can have those four MVPs, you can have the greatest throw of football ever, you can have all those stunning off-platform throws, all products of some of the worst footwork I have ever seen…
"Heck, you can also have that Super Bowl that Aaron Rodgers won long ago, far away galaxy, far, far away, he's still living off that. Since that Super Bowl, Rodgers is 7-9 in the postseason, think about that, 7-9 and his seven wins are almost all flawed with asterisks.
"For years, Aaron Rodgers has led this league in finger-pointing and blame-deflecting. Until finally, even the arch-conservative Green Bay Packers said that is enough. Yet because Aaron bleeping Rodgers has gone to New York that he's now a Jet.”

The New York Jets fanbase has high expectations from Rodgers, who believe the veteran quarterback can lead them to a Super Bowl run. However, given how tough the competition is in the AFC, particularly in the AFC East division, this will not be easy.

Given that no one knows how long the former Green Bay Packers quarterback will play before retiring, they expect immediate results from him in New York.

Aaron Rodgers has the opportunity to prove many people wrong

Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens
Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens

Although the chances of Rodgers leading the New York Jets to a Super Bowl are slim, this is the ideal opportunity for the quarterback to silence all his detractors.

He has been chastised in recent years for falling short in the playoffs, but if he can win some games in the postseason with the Jets, who have struggled, it will be a huge boost to his legacy.

Last season, Rodgers had a passer rating of 91.1 with 3,695 yards, 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 17 games. He is expected to put up better numbers in the upcoming season given the quality of players around him.

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