Snoop Dogg rips EA Sports as Madden 24 servers go down after release - "Get this sh*t f**kin fixed"

Snoop Dogg rants over Madden NFL 24
Snoop Dogg rants over Madden NFL 24's broken pre-release

Madden 24 is finally available for early access, but there is a major problem: online matches cannot be entered.

Deluxe edition pre-orderers got to touch the game early, but apparently the servers have been crashing for at least 30 minutes while Electronic Arts tries to boot it up. And one celebrity is unhappy: rapper Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg rants about Madden 24's server problems

Snoop Dogg recently got his hands on a copy of Madden 24, and he was excited about finally streaming it to his fans. However, like his fellow gamers, he lost excitement when the servers crashed on him.

Ranting on a video, he said:

Come on, man. That's two hours since the game came out. Do I need to go on Instagram and cuss you m*therf**kers out or is y'all going to fix this sh*t? I'm being nice and talking to you directly. I will go to Instagram and cuss you m*therf**kers out like my friends want me to do right now? I'm trying to be cordial. Get this sh*t f**king fix man. What the f**k is y'all doing?

Issues encountered by the players include, in addition to failing to enter early access, missing bonuses when they do get to enter.

There have been also complaints about the soundtrack, which is missing major artists like Kanye West, who has been blacklisted by the entertainment industry after making anti-Semitic comments; and the digital recreation of certain players like New York Giants tight end Darren Waller.

Madden 24 improvements - a brief overview

For those who are willing to overlook the various server problems, Madden 24 presents a bevvy of improvements to both the gameplay and overall experience. SAPIEN has been drastically improved to more realistically depict player structure, while more blocking and tackling options are now available for non-scoring players.

Another series of major improvements comes to the Franchise Mode, which allows players to run their own franchise/league. Among other things, minigames return, and various Commissioner's Tools have been added to further allow for more personalization.

Superstar mode also returns with two submodes: The League, an individual-based career mode, and Showdown, a 3v3 competition. Both submodes, like most features of the game, are available only on ninth-gen consoles and PC.

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