"So cringe, it's hilarious" - NFL fans mock Eli and Peyton Manning's hilarious 2023 Pro Bowl Games promo

Fans mock Eli and Peyton Manning
Fans mock Eli and Peyton Manning's 2023 Pro Bowl Games promo

Eli and Peyton Manning are here with an interesting 2023 Pro Bowl Games commercial. This time, it looks like the two stars have indulged fans with some sibling rivalry on the field. Both brothers will also coach the teams for the Pro Bowl this year.

The promo on Twitter is shorter, where Eli and Peyton are referring to each other as "bruh."

narrator: they are bruhs πŸ˜‚

They walk past each other as if in a show off, and stare each other down. It is safe to say that not all fans were amused by their acting. Most users referred to it as cringe, while recalling videos they filmed when they were eight. Another fan saw this as a waste of time, hoping for a feature that included all the players.

A few were honest, and were apparently tired of seeing the Manning brothers everywhere.

Peyton Manning's expression, however, certainly seemed meme-worthy to a few fans. That being said, some wondered if the key element missing was some background music added to the over-the-top drama.

@NFL So cringe it’s hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@NFL Where’s the music
@NFL No music ruined this 😭
@NFL Feel like this could be a meme for ages to come
@NFL Someone edit in the music
@NFL Where's the music?
@NFL Definitely getting sick of seeing these two everywhere.
@NFL Complete waste of time. Would be better to just do a show to feature the players, like Madden used to do with his picks
@NFL Reminds me of cringey videos I used to attempt to make when I was 8

Eli and Peyton Manning argued over the love of their mom during the Pro Bowl Games promo

A longer, more elaborate promo was shared via the NFL's YouTube channel. Both brothers look ready to face off, and might include their silly (but fun) sibling rivalry in the equation.

"Alright bro, Pro Bowl Games, winning coach gets brother bragging rights for a year," Peyton Manning said.

Eli added:

"I like it because the big game this year is flag football and the NFC is definitely better."

The argument trickled down to smaller things, both of them mentioning dodgeball, golf, height and even their hair. However, it led to them mentioning their mother, who apparently prefers the AFC (as per Peyton).

The video ends with Olivia Manning supposedly calling Peyton, who boasts:

"She calls me every morning."
Eli and Peyton Manning at the SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia game
Eli and Peyton Manning at the SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia game

Although Eli tries to get their mother's attention, Peyton claims she does not want to talk to him.

The Pro Bowl Games are scheduled to take place for two days in February, right before the Super Bowl LVII on February 12. Eli Manning is the NFC team's head coach, while Peyton will lead the AFC.

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