Stefon Diggs’ latest comments on Bills future sparks reaction from NFL fans: “Why is it that the entire WR position is all divas?"

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
Stefon Diggs labeled a diva after recent comments

Stefon Diggs has been rumored to be potentially unhappy with his current situation on the Buffalo Bills. While he has never actually said that directly, he did recently create some uncertainty about his future during a recent interview with ESPN. This added fuel to the many rumors out there that he may seek a trade to a new team ahead of the 2024 NFL season.

His diminished role in the Bills' offense further suggests that this could be a possibility as his once elite production has basically disappeared. He last exceeded 100 yards in a single game all the way back on October 15th and was held without a touchdownin each of his past seven games.

It's unclear at this point what Diggs' intentions are moving forward, but his refusal to verbally commit to the Bills long-term, or at least provide some clarity, has left many fans frustrated. Some of them went onto X to react to this developing situation.

Here are some of the top comments:

"Why is it that the entire WR position is all divas?" - one fan wrote

Here are his most recent comments to ESPN that sparked such a reaction:

“I feel like I take it day by day. Obviously, there’s a lot of changes going on, a lot of things going on. I can’t really put the carriage before the horse, you know what I’m saying? But I got a great offseason in front of me to put a lot of work in and kind of build around what we got and what we’re doing. I can’t tell you what the future holds, but I’m still being me.”

His non-commital comments have left NFL fans wondering what this offseason holds for Stefon Diggs. Last year was relatively similar with Diggs being involved in trade rumors, but he reportedly settled his differences with Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. Following a down year compared to his usually elite production and another early exit from the NFL Playoffs, it's possible his stance has changed.

Stefon Diggs' contract could prevent him from leaving Bills

Stefon Diggs
Stefon Diggs

The circling rumors that Stefon Diggs could potentially want to play for a new team in the 2024 NFL season could be irrelevant given his current contract situation with the Buffalo Bills. He recently signed a four-year extension just last offseason worth $96 million. At $24 million per season, this makes him the fifth highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL by AAV.

What this means for the Bills is that even if he does request to be traded, or even released, it would be expensive to do so. While it would save them nearly $9 million against the salary cap in 2024, it would also cost them more than $31 million in dead capmoney across the next two years. The bulk of it would come in more than a $22 million dead cap hit for the 2025 NFL season.

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