"That's the CTE acting up" - Ex-NFL star Herschel Walker's climate change comment has social media in total disbelief

Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Holds Rally Day Before Primary Election
Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker's takes a stance on trees

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker is running for a US Senate seat to represent the state of Georgia against current senator Raphael Warnock. The former NFL player has made several statements, particularly about climate control, that have rubbed people the wrong way.

Some are concerned that his career in the often brutal sport of football may have taken a toll over the years. He recently courted controversy by criticizing the spending provisions in the new health care and climate law, which includes money allocated towards an urban forestry program. Walker said in a press conference:

“They continue to try to fool you that they are helping you out. But they’re not. Because a lot of money it’s going to trees. Don’t we have enough trees around here?”

The quote hit Twitter not long after and reactions from users ran the gamut between disbelief and hilarity.

Shortly after ending his NFL career, Walker stated that he struggled with dissociative identity disorder, but now feels he has it under control.

Herschel Walker isn't the first celebrity to throw his hat in the political ring

The race for the Georgia Senate seat remains close, with the former running back only trailing by single digits. Whether it’s his position as a retired NFL player or a case of voters sticking with their party no matter who the candidate is, it’s hard to say. But it wouldn’t be the first time an entertainer has won an election to an important political position.

Pro wrestler Jesse Ventura served as Governor of Minnesota and former Saturday Night Live alum Al Franken held office as a United States Senator. Perhaps the most famous instance was former actor Ronald Reagan, who was the 40th President of the United States. Walker is the latest in a line of celebrities to try their hand at politics.

He started his pro career with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL in 1983. After the league folded following the 1985 season, Walker was signed by the Dallas Cowboys and started an NFL career that spanned 12 seasons with four different teams.

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