Sean Taylor's daughter gets emotional, reveals most notable thing about father's memorial

Atlanta Falcons v Washington Commanders
Sean Taylor's daughter reveals most notable thing about father's memorial

The gruesome murder of Sean Taylor still evokes painful memories across the league. Sunday marked the 15-year anniversary of the Washington football fan favorite's gruesome murder.

Before the game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Washington Commanders decided to honor him with a memorial.

When they dedicated the memorial to him, his daughter, Jackie, was present at the unveiling, and she got emotional. Seeing one's father immortalized would naturally make anyone tear up, especially considering the circumstances of Taylor's death.

Jackie highlighted that the soccer cleats about the memorial were special to Sean Taylor, saying:

"That’s something that was super special to him."
Sean Taylor’s daughter, Jackie, says her favorite part of her dad’s memorial: the soccer cleats

So even if fans have their own opinion about the memorial, if a family member loves it, then who is anybody else to complain?

How old was Sean Taylor's daughter at the time of his murder

Sean Taylor was a first-round pick for the Washington franchise in the 2004 NFL Draft, having been selected fifth overall. He made it to the Pro Bowl in 2006 and posthumously again in 2007.

He lost his life in 2007 when a burglary situation escalated at his home in the Miami area. When Taylor heard the intruders, he went to look at the situation and was fatally shot. At the time of the incident, his daughter Jackie was only 18 months old.

She grew up most of her life without her father, so to see the love and regard for him even today in NFL circles might provide some scant comfort to her. Hearing her say she did not know what her father would think but that he would be proud was equally heartbreaking and uplifting.

I know fans are not happy with the Sean Taylor Memorial.His family is happy though, that's all that matters.This is Sean's daughter, Jackie. Listen to her words, watch the emotion...this was a tough day for the entire Taylor family.

She was not the only family member to pay tribute to the late Sean Taylor. Taylor's girlfriend's uncle also painted a mural for the occasion that the Commanders revealed.

The new Sean Taylor mural 👏👏👏Created by Vic Garcia, Jackie Taylor’s uncle Located on the concourse by section 132

While we celebrate Taylor's life and his legacy, it was also a painful reminder to the family of the man they have missed for a decade and a half. The pain might never go away, but honoring him from time to time might lessen the hurt somewhat.

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