Tom Brady admits $375,000,000 Fox broadcasting deal will not be his easiest day job - "First time you try something, you're not very good"

Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady will be joining FOX Sports
Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady will be joining FOX Sports' NFL broadcast team next year.

Tom Brady is building the next phase of his life after playing in the NFL for 23 seasons. He's expanded his business empire through ventures like the Brady Brand and investments in sports teams like the Las Vegas Aces and Birmingham City.

He's also set to join the FOX Sports NFL broadcast booth. The three-time NFL Most Valuable Player will dissect the game while describing every detail to FOX Sports viewers. While Brady welcomes the challenge, he knows he’s got work to do in mastering this new endeavor.

On a recent episode of his Let’s Go! Podcast with Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald, Brady said he was embracing the challenge of "getting outside his comfort zone."

“I think there's a lot of cool things happening, and again, I think part of life is growing in different ways, expanding different ways, trying new things, and getting outside of your comfort zone.
“I think even the expectations I have for myself, I'm gonna work really hard in this part of my career knowing that the first time you try something, you're not very good at it. The first time I threw a football, I was not very good at it. The first time that I tried a math equation, I wasn't very good at it.”

Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen were the top in-game tandem for FOX Sports’ pool of NFL broadcasters last season. It remains to be seen if Brady will replace Olsen or if it will be a three-person panel with Burkhardt.

Burkhardt and Olsen took over after Joe Buck and Troy Aikman moved from FOX NFL to ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

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Tom Brady initially stepped back from the FOX Sports broadcasting role

Last year, the media conglomerate offered Tom Brady a 10-year, $375 million contract to join their NFL broadcast team. The update became public as he was wrapping up his final season as a football player.

However, he initially stepped back, saying that he wanted to prioritize other matters. That time away from the game allowed him to spend more time with his children: John Edward, Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake.

Aside from being a dad, he bought a minority ownership stake with the Las Vegas Raiders. He also invested in the Vegas Night Owls of Major League Pickleball and the Religion of Sports production company.

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