Tom Brady's AI-led stand-up trolls his kids' football ability

Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
An AI Tom Brady delivered a hilarious standup

Tom Brady retired from the NFL after last season. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were eliminated from the 2022-2023 postseason by the Dallas Cowboys, Brady's career was over. He announced as much a few weeks later.

There were rumors about what he'd do next. His contract to join the FOX broadcast booth doesn't begin until 2024. In the meantime, he was speculated to start a standup comedy career.


He isn't, but that hasn't stopped fans of his from creating an AI to run a standup special as if it were Tom Brady. A few of the jokes are pretty strong, including this one:

"I have kids, a few of them. You know what keeps me up at night sometimes wondering if I f****d up my kids lives by being too good at football. I know that sounds ridiculous."

The bot continued:

"But think about it. If any of my kids wants to be a football player, it's like what's the point? They'll never be as good as their dad. And I didn't want them to be discouraged from doing something they loved."

The punchline landed effortlessly:

"So I decided to go back for one more season and play like pure s***. Bucs fans, I'm so sorry. Had to be done."

Brady may not be entering a comedy career, but the robot version of him certainly could.


The seven-time Super Bowl winner is in talks to star in a Netflix special roast, so he may debut his comedic chops. Then fans can see who's funnier: Tom Brady or the AI version?

Is Tom Brady done playing football?

This is not the first time Brady has retired. The first time, it lasted a little over a month. This time, though, it feels more permanent. He specifically stated in his farewell video that it was for good.

Tom Brady retired
Tom Brady retired

Many have speculated, especially with a year to go before he has to join FOX, that he could return. No one except him knows whether or not this retirement is final, but it is, in all likelihood.

As the AI joked, Brady wasn't all that good last year. Coming back might make him look even worse.

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